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Vengeance Soundset

Z3ta Soundset Vol.1

for Z3ta 1 & 2

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Finally, Vengeance dives into the awesome sound of the Z3ta synthesizers! Explore 64 brand new club sounds, ranging from Electro and Trance, to Pop and HandsUp. This is a perfect mix of presets, with every sound a true highlight! Lets rock - We are ready!


1SYMR Dust Electro
2PLMR Progressive Return
3LDMR Mr. Houselead
4PLMR Current Target
5PDMR Landscape Pads
6PLMR Dream Blibs
7BAMR Little Noise
8SYMR Synth Groove
9LDMR Welcome to St.
10BAMR Offbeat Rocker 1
11BAMR Offbeat Rocker 2
12LDMR Pitch Chords
13BAMR Pitched Bass
14SYMR Dirty Electro
15PNMR Noisy Dreams
16PNMR Dream Keys 1
17PNMR Dream Keys 2
18PDMR Crying Earth
19LDMR Power Lead
20PLMR Handsup Bell 1
21PLMR Handsup Bell 2
22PLMR Portal Beach
23PDMR Mid Pad
24PLMR Soft Bell
25LDMR Can See You
26BAMR Back Bass
27SYMR Cool And Dirty
28SYMR Midnight Blue
29ARMR Oldschool Synthline
30LDMR Hit Woman
31FXMR Beach Bird
32LDMR Sunset Chords
33LDMR Pitcher Lead
34BAMR Sexy Percbass
35LDMR Whistle
36SYMR Bounce On 3/16
37SYMR Don´t Bite Me
38SYMR Hard Organ
39FXMR Sweep Down FX
40PDMR Blue Sun
41LDMR Great Squares
42SYMR For More Electro
43ARMR Games In Future
44PNMR Trancy Keys
45PDMR Light Pads 1
46PDMR Light Pads 2
47LDMR 8b Sound / 16b FX
48SYMR Casablanca
49LDMR Trance Chords
50LDMR Need Chords
51LDMR In The Night 1
52LDMR In The Night 2
53LDMR Saturday Night
54LDMR Crying Like A Saw
55PNMR Lonely Keys 1
56PNMR Lonely Keys 2
57SYMR Rockets
58BAMR Deep Melody
59ARMR Clublights
60BAMR Ring Bass
61FXMR Space (use xy-pad)
62LDMR White Lead
63LDMR Yes, I´m Talking
64FXMR Happy Curve