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Vengeance Soundset

FX Vol.1

for Massive

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If there was one single thing that can have the biggest impact on the success of any modern club track, you'll find it in the build-ups and the break: it is EFFECTS! More importantly, you need to be able to change these effects completely according to your wishes! Vengeance FX Volume 1 for Massive, created by Mirko Ruta, is a revolution when it comes to working with effects, featuring 64 programmed Up & Downlifters, Impacts, Atmos, Loops, FX, and reverse Oneshot effects. The best part? For each preset, all 8 Massive Macro Controllers are fully outfitted with zany & funky modulations. We know you will love this!


1ATBird From Mars
2ATDark Forest
3ATDeep Mine
4ATGreen Ghost
5ATOh No,.. The Police!
6ATPolice In Your Dream
7ATScary Machines
8ATSpace Drop
10BRStorm In
11IMBig Step
13IMHard Flash
16IMRhythm Reverb
17LP5th Sound Rhythm
18LPAsk Me
20LPPitch Me
21LPScary Forest
23LPTrance Dreams
24LPTribal Crackle
25LPTripple Falldown
26OSDigital Fire
27OSMorphed Triangle
28OSShut Down
29OSSquarish Bubble
31RVReverse Crash
32SPEarth Cry
33SBClassic Sub Down
34SDBell Of Holes
35SDBlack And White
36SDCosmic Dust
37SDEnd Of Limit
38SDGo Down
39SDGrafity FXs
40SDPM Fall
41SDRandom Laser
43SDRotating Disk
45SDSingle Colors
47SDSquare And Saw
48SDStuttering Shut Down
49SDThrough A Pipe
50SU4 Bars Long
51SUAt Night
52SUChord Rise
53SUDetuned Worker
54SUEmergency In My Ears
55SUEndles Rise
56SUEngine Up
58SUMash It
59SUMetal Noise
60SUNoisy Take Off
61SUResonant Alert
62SUReward Bass
63SUSome Bits
64SUWith My Shoes