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Vengeance Soundset

Electro Soundset Vol.1

for Massive

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The Massive plugin gets even heavier with the latest Vengeance Sound treatment: you better prepare yourself for a beast-spitting, brutal electro sounds and many other crazy and wicked sonic developments!


1BA303 Now
2LD48 Wave Lead
3BA4bit Bass
4BA8bit Sampler
6BAAcid Me!
7LDAcidic Lead
8PDAlliance Pad
9BAAnalogue Bass
10BAAnalogue Deep
11ORAnalogue Organ
13LDAnime Lead
14BAAttack Techno
15SYBand Dance
16DRBassdrum Model
17ORBroken Organ
18SQBugg Seq
19SQChase Seq
20ARChemical Arp
21DRClap Model
22BAClown Bass
23LDCombi Lead
24SYCosmic Pluck
25PDCrack Pad
26SQCrystal Chords
27SYDeep Chord
28SYDeep House
30SYDigivox Synth
31BADirty Bass
32SQDiscochords Seq
33SYDist Guitar
34BADnB Reverse Bass
35SQDoggy Seq
36SYDowngrade Synth
37SQDreamy Seq
38BADriven Bass
39BADub Bass
40BADX Bass
41SYEastern Multi
42SQElectrify Seq
43BAElectro Bass
44SQElectroBreaks Seq
46SYEmpire Synth
47PDEmpty Place Pad
48PDEpic Pad
49SYEvil Reece
50SYExp Reece
52PDFaaat Paaad
53LDFatty Lead
54SYFeedback Chord
55SYFiltered FM Piano
56SQFrench House Seq
57LDHammer Lead
58SYHardtrance Synth
60DRHihat Model
61SYHouse Pluck
62SYHousing Seq
64SYInner Mongolia
65BAJumpUp Bass
66BAJungle Sub
67LDJuno Hoover
68LDJupiter Lead
69LDLead Constructor
70SYLost Chords
71SQMad Chords Seq
72SYMass Synth
73SYMech Clavi
77SQMinimal Seq
78SQMinimalistic Seq
79SYMK Hit
80FXModgen FX
81BAModula Bass
83PDMotion Pad
84BAMS20 Bass
85PDNew Age Pad
86SYNova Chord
87PDOcean Pad
88SYOrganic EP
89SQOuttachords Seq
91SQParalax Seq
92SYParalize Reece
94LDPolyphonic Pulse
95BAPPG Bass
96SQPulp Groove
97SQPulsar Seq
98FXPulsation FX
99LDPulsing Lead
100SYPumpin Synth
102SQRabotnik Seq
103LDRadikal Lead
104PDRelaxing Pad
105SYReso Reece
106SYScorched Synth
107BASID Bass
108SYSID Player Multi
109SQSinthi Pop Seq
110SYSirius Multi
111DRSnare Model
112SYSpace Quest
113PDSweep Pad
114LDSyncadelic Lead
115LDSyncmaster Lead
116LDTatoo Lead
117SQTechhouse Seq
118SYTechno Stab
119FXTrain FX
120ARTrancy Arp
121PDTrinity Pad
122SYUni Reece
123SYUnstable Funk
124SYV50 EP
125SYVinyl Rhodes
126BAVirii Bass
127SYVitamin Synth
128LDVox Lead
129SYWise Playah
130BAWow Dist Bass
131PDWS Pad
132BABonus Bass