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Vengeance SamplePack

Electroshock Vol.1

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Looking for fresh, rare, really analog, raw and special soundfood? Keep your eyes open and your ears awake for this one!

Vengeance Electroshock Vol. 1 is a huge collection of cranky loops, wicked grooves, vintage synth multisamples and much more, collected by Andreas Hinz and Jens Gimborn - all for you, all for your music, all for the dancefloor. Make it shake!


  • created by Andreas Hinz and Jens Gimborn
  • more than 2,000 high quality samples
  • all loops at 128 BPM and accurately cut
  • all tonal sounds / loops with root key information
  • sorted into categories such as CL Hihats, OP Hihats, Ride, etc.
  • also perfect for other dance and house genres
  • contains set of bonus multisamples from vintage analog synths