Vengeance Soundsets


Massive FX Vol.2for NI Massive

Get ready for Vol. 2 of this amazing effect preset library for NI Massive! Created by M. Ruta, this dynamic pack is filled with long buildups and breakdowns, short one-shots and impacts, sweeps and atmospheric effects, and sub fx and fx loops. Every sound is fully customizable by Massive's 8 Macro controls, and by pressing different keys on your keyboard. Get this pack now to add incredibly unique sounds and tailor-made effects to your tracks!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.7 (DJ THT Signature)for Lennardigital Sylenth

Boom, here it is! With 64 new Dance, HandsUp, and Hardstyle presets, Vengeance Soundset Sylenth Trilogy Vol.7 has everything you need. Designed by genre specialist DJ THT, this new signature soundset contains everything you love about HandsUp: soaring leads, phat chords, wide pads, rising effects, massive bass lines, and tiny little plucked sounds. Are you ready to party? Then let's party on!

Massive Drumsfor NI Massive

This has never happened before. Completely analog drum sounds on the same sound level as samples, generated in a synthesizer! With Massive Drums you are getting 175 powerful presets: bold kicks, snares, claps and percussion produced with Massive's powerful architecture for Dubstep, Electro, House, Trance and Minimal genres. Use the 8 macro controls to harness full control over all the sounds and to customize any of your songs. With punchy kicks, the tightest snares, and crystal-clear hi-hats this soundset has everything you need to sound different and be unique!

Dubstep Soundsetfor Arturia MiniV

Discover fresh dubstep and complextro sounds with the Minimoog synth! Compelling lead sounds, powerful wobbles, complex FX, talking vocoder robots, and moving arpeggio basslines... all with the incredible moog analog touch. If you are into electro, dubstep, or complextro production, you need this new soundset!

Complextro Soundsetfor FXPansion Dcam Synth Squad / Fusor

Explore a new sound spectrum with this Vengeance Complextro Soundset that offers 64 mercilessly hard complextro sounds! Its rumbling bass monster, aggressive screaming leads, wild pitch end synths and funky sound effects make this soundset a unique must-have for your collection. Thanks to Fusor's flexible synthesizer structure this soundset just sounds completely different than anything else you've ever heard. Step into the future of sound with the Vengeance Complextro Soundset.

FX Vol.1for NI Massive

If there was one single thing that can have the biggest impact on the success of any modern club track, you'll find it in the build-ups and the break: it is EFFECTS! More importantly, you need to be able to change these effects completely according to your wishes! Vengeance FX Volume 1 for Massive, created by Mirko Ruta, is a revolution when it comes to working with effects, featuring 64 programmed Up & Downlifters, Impacts, Atmos, Loops, FX, and reverse Oneshot effects. The best part? For each preset, all 8 Massive Macro Controllers are fully outfitted with zany & funky modulations. We know you will love this!

Dune Soundset Vol.3 (Trance)for Synapse Dune

Now it's epic: Volume 3 of the Dune Soundset series is devoted entirely to atmospheric and powerful trance anthems. You will find 64 presets here, including wide leads, complex pads, crisp bass lines, inspiring arps and throbbing plucks - every modern trance producer will find Dune Volume 3 a necessary part of their music-making arsenal - guaranteed!

Trance Soundset Vol.2for NI Massive

Vengeance did it again! This time, Dennis Sheperd brings 64 more complex and epic trance sounds for the NI Massive! Wonderful plucked sounds, crystal clear leadsounds, the finest basslines and FX, arps and epic pads complete this great expansion. As usual, 8 macro quick edit knobs with useful functions are included, which can completely change the sound at a single touch. If you produce contemporary trance, you need Vengeance Trance Soundset Vol.2!

Dubstep Vol.4for NI Massive

If you want more crazy sick dubstep and complextro sound, you want Vengeance Massive Dubstep Vol.4. And now it's ready for you to enjoy. The latest Vengeance soundset takes the popular series into new territory: Andy Hinz provides 64 ultra-violent wobbles, OiOiOis, sequences, effects, pitches, hard basslines and dub-synths. Use Vengeance Massive Dubstep Vol.4 to make your next sound creation the groove that clubs just can't get enough of. (Drums in the demo taken from Vengeance Dubstep Essentials samplepack)

Incubation Vol.5for Access Virus TI

The next chapter in Virus TI soundsets, "Incubation V5" takes everything to the next level. 128 of the finest and dirtiest Electro sounds of your dreams! Rough Basslines, beautiful pads, pristine leads and many re-creations of famous tracks from current dance music charts. Mirko Ruta did it again - this soundset is just a true gem and a must have for every Virus TI owner.

Incubation Vol.4for Access Virus TI

You've been waiting for a long time... but now that wait is over, "Incubation vol.4" is here! 128 of the finest Electro, House, Trance and HandsUp sounds, created by Mirko Ruta. With these sounds, you really get the most out of your Virus TI! It uses all the new features of the latest OS and every preset is jam-packed with modulations (3 softknob assignments, modwheel).

Analog Essentialsfor TC PowerCore 01

PowerCore users asked for it. Vengeance delivered with "Analog Essentials." Do you love superb analog feel and deep pounding, yet present basses? Do you want to create using true offbeat monsters, trancy UK basslines and luscious, dominating lead sounds? Analog Essentials gives you all of this, sometimes with a fine dose of distortion just to get some extra dirt in the sound. It's everything you need to put amplifiers on meltdown!

Trance Soundset Vol.1for NI Massive

Vengeance presents: THE definititive Trance collection for "Native Instruments - Massive" synthesizers. Prepare for massive leads & synths, massive pads & athmos, massive plucks & pikes, massive basslines and arpeggios - As usual, all 8 macro knobs are fully assigned and and waiting for you to do some cool tweaks to the sounds!

Dune Soundset Vol.2 (Deep Electro)for Synapse Dune

Deep, deeper, Vengeance Dune - Deep Electro soundset! Get ready for earthshaking bass, crazy bleeps, wild pitching synths and wobbling drones. Say 'hello' to 64 more smashing electro sounds for Dune! Volume 1 brought you the commercial electro styles, Volume 2 kicks it up a notch with a harder and more progressive selection. ( still can make commercial music with this one, just be careful) :)

Dune Soundset Vol.1 (Commercial Electro)for Synapse Dune

At last, Vengeance got a hold of the Synapse Dune synthesizer and the result are amazing! Volume 1 starts with 64 masterfully crafted commercial electro sounds for chart topping electro and pop styles. Wide saws, crunchy basses, groovy arpeggio lines and strong, warm pads - everything you need is here. For best results combine with Vol. 2, which supplies you with the "harder" sounds.

Z3ta Soundset Vol.1for Cakewalk Z3ta 1 & 2

Finally, Vengeance dives into the awesome sound of the Z3ta synthesizers! Explore 64 brand new club sounds, ranging from Electro and Trance, to Pop and HandsUp. This is a perfect mix of presets, with every sound a true highlight! Lets rock - We are ready!

Dubstep Vol.3for NI Massive

And the beat goes on with Volume 3 of the Vengeance Dubstep series! This time, Mirko Ruta designed another 64 sounds of earth-shaking dubstep insanity. Raw, rough, brutal, and sick - these adjectives may have been invented just to describe this outstanding soundset for NI Massive. As expected, all 8 macro controllers have been assigned for maximum flexibility (like in vol.1&2). What are you waiting for? Dubstep awaits you.

Dubstep Vol.2for NI Massive

The saga continues, another 64 Killer-Dubstep Sounds created by Kevin Schröder. More aggressive Wobbles, more crunchy basses plus sick fx and leads. If you are serious about Dubstep or Progressive Electro and Complextro music, this soundset is a must-have!

Dubstep Vol.1for NI Massive

64 Killer-Dubstep Sounds made by Manuel Schleis. These are all the awesome "Wobble" sounds you ever wanted, with crunchy basses, plus the "massively" distorted and crazy pitched sequences brought to you directly from the depths of hell. Scared yet?

Alchemy Vol.1for Camel Audio Alchemy

All you need for pumpin' Electro / House / HandsUp or Trance - Mirko Ruta shows off his skills big time! The mighty Alchemy synthesizer strikes back with its enumerous modulation possibilities, the flexible and versatile Arpeggiator ... and so much more! Go get it!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.6 (Acid Drops Signature)for Lennardigital Sylenth

Acid Drops is a sound designer/producer duo formed by Matteo Mazzella and Michele Santacatterina. Inspired by the sounds of artists like Afrojack, Crookers, Justice and Skrillex, this awesome soundset is here to thrill your Sylenth2 with the latest Dirty Dutch bleeps, Fidget wobbles, NuDisco dirty leads, Dubstep and Complextro hooks. Don't miss this, another great Vengeance release!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.5 (Piotr Pochwat Signature)for Lennardigital Sylenth

The next chapter from Lennardigital Sylenth brings 64 fresh Trance and Electro Sounds! Explore silky leads, brutal electro lead basses, awesome pads, mellow plucks and pikes plus many recreations of famous classic and recent sounds. If you are seriously into Trance, you definately need to check this one out!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.4 (DeLeon Signature)for Lennardigital Sylenth

DeLeon is a well-known European dance producer with years of experience, including producing famous dance acts, such as DuMonde. For this new Vengeance Soundset, DeLeon opened his archives and compiled his "best of" Sylenth presets, resulting in one awesome soundpack! Vengeance Sylenth Soundset Vol.4 has everything you need - basses, leads, pads and synths - to create a pumpin' modern dance track. Go get this!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.3 (Electro)for Lennardigital Sylenth

The much anticipated and powerful synthesizer plugin gets the Vengeance Sound treatment! Powerful electro house basses and leads - this is fresh (and scary) food for your subwoofer!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.2 (Trance)for Lennardigital Sylenth

The much anticipated and powerful synthesizer plugin gets the Vengeance Sound treatment! Pure trance with beautiful pads, tight arpeggio lines and smooth silky leads - its all in here!

Sylenth Trilogy Vol.1 (HandsUp)for Lennardigital Sylenth

The much anticipated and powerful synthesizer plugin gets the Vengeance Sound treatment! Full dance, handsup and commercial trance power at your fingertips. Add in the many recreations of famous sounds, and here you go!

Electrobass Soundsetfor Arturia MiniV

There is no better bass than Moog - and Kevin Schröder delivers it right to your fingertips with the awesome Moog emulation by Arturia. This soundset is a huge playground for all "Electroheads" out there - dont miss it!

Electro Soundset Vol.1for NI Massive

The Massive plugin gets even heavier with the latest Vengeance Sound treatment: you better prepare yourself for a beast-spitting, brutal electro sounds and many other crazy and wicked sonic developments!

Thor Soundsetfor Propellerhead Reason Thor

Thor is a deity - and deities deserves the best treatment! Besides the factory sounds, Manuel Schleis took his time once again to even further explore the awesome filters, wavetable and FM oscillators and freakin' routing options. Kneel before Thor!

Minibass Soundsetfor GForce Oddity

Oddity is a true treasure when looking for fat, analog basses. Whether you are creating house, trance or minimalist sounds, Oddity has just what you need. This soundset is just more proof. You better believe it!

Digital Atmospherefor Korg Legacy Collection

After the luscious plugin versions of MS20 and Polysix, now the famous Wavestation is waiting for you! Get the wonderful and charismatic sound the Wavestation is known for - and make the movie / score tracks that will give listeners goosebumps. Beautiful chillout music and so much more...

Legacy Soundsetfor Korg Legacy Collection

This plugin is more than you ever wanted: analog, warm, punchy, versatile. By combining the legendary MS20 and/or Polysix and using a huge choice of effects, Vengeance Sound delivers soundstorms you would never have expected from a software synthesizer. Word!

Discovery Vol.1 & 2for discoDSP Discovery Pro

More proof that great sound and low CPU consumption can coexist! Great, smooth, decent, really versatile sounds, great for anyone who always wanted a Nordlead synthesizer. You'll be more than convinced this little beauty does its job just as good as the inspiring original! Vengeance Sound booked a journey all for you! Crisp, trance sounds, guitars and even earthquake-ish basses, its all here.

Prophecy Soundsetfor NI Pro-53

Great sound without compromise and CPU-friendly behavior - doesn't seem possible? Yes it is! Vengeance Sound delivers top-notch sounds for this little plugin. Today's specialty: ultra-fat unisono leadsounds!

Q Trilogy Vol.2for Waldorf Q / Q+

The show must go on. Even more killer sounds, this time partnered with really cool experimental patches - Vengeance Sound takes great care of the Waldorf synthline once more.

Q Trilogy Vol.1for Waldorf Q / Q+

Waldorf - from Germany with love! Great synthesizers, and now offering everything you need for top-notch techno and trance productions! Vengeance Sound delivers killer basses (which almost need an EQ to lower the bass punch), just the way it should be - and a lot more. Check this out!

Nordish By Naturefor Clavia Nord Lead 3

It's cold in the North and this soundset makes you love the cold! With FM as the key for dirty techno bells, and Chord Stack for dense and luscious leads Nordlead excels. Add-in everything else in this soundset and you'll be blown away by the quality sound this machine is capable of.

Incubation Vol.3for Access Virus TI

About time to break the rules. This time, Manuel Schleis delivers complex textures, funky house sounds, experimental and weird arpeggios and UK-style filtersweeps that will give you goosebumps! Put these next to famous patches like Scooter, ZiggyX or Above & Beyond and Incubation V3 starts showing how special it is. The Moog filter introduced with the Virus C synthesizer brings huge variety and interesting new spectral shapes. Get infected. Just once more.

Incubation Vol.2for Access Virus TI

The saga continues: Vengeance Sound once again took care of the Virus synthesizer. While Incubation V1 is available for free at the official Access website (, this makes everything bigger: be it powerful trance leads, state-of-the-art basses like the famous Cosmic Gate pitchbass or cruel Isaac basses, dreamy and warm pads or precious arpeggios known from van Buuren - there's something in here for everyone!

Club 4K Vol.1 & 2for Novation V-Station

You asked - Vengeance Sound delivers! A huge soundset for the popular V-Station, an impressive and versatile plugin that blows your mind with pure power. This soundset is dedicated to all the HandsUppers out there! Here you'll find powerful and charismatic HandsUp leads for your next dancehall smasher. Full throttle!

Analog Meltdownfor Waldorf Pulse

Ever been scared by a monster? This one will be your biggest nightmare! Dirty and loud leads, ultra fat basses, powerful and real analog sounds all the way!

Blue Magicfor Novation Supernova Series

Virtual-analog power with jaws like a real beast: the Novation Nova Series (Supernova 1 and 2) is famous for in-your-face bass and dominant leadsounds. Manuel Schleis demonstrates the capabilities at their best - experience this bright nova ray!

X-Plorations Vol.3for Roland JP8000 / 8080

As long as there's a JP, there's fatness. Manuel Schleis gets his skilled hands on the Supersaw monster to complete the triple. Yes!

X-Plorations Vol.1 & 2for Roland JP8000 / 8080

Vengeance Sound's best in a highly attractive bundle: X-plorations Vol. 1 + 2. If there is a synthesizer legend out there, this is one of them: the famous Supersaw synthline from Roland. Incredibly fat leads and pads to shake the club and the crowd. If you've loved the JP-series for a long time already, this will make you rediscover your feelings for this charming monster. Vengeance Sound took great care to let you even forget about the annoying attack-click issue. Any questions?

Trance Source Xfor Access Virus TI

It's here! The beginning of the Vengeance soundset series for the infamous Virus synthesizer! 128 high quality sounds programmed by Manuel Schleis, offering top-notch Trance and Techno sounds! Extensively using internal synthesizer effects, this soundset also includes great, (sometimes even insane) modwheel assignments. All patches are tempo-synched, sorted by categories and ready to perfectly integrate into your track.