NEXUS4 version history




  • Added "Tube" insert-FX to make clean sounds more dirty.
  • Added biLFO1 and biLFO2 modulation sources to the main-mod-matrix.
  • Added a fifth function slot to the layers.


  • "Ducker" now has a quick fade out at the end.
  • Cleaned up modulation source menu.


  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Added "Ducker" FX for super-easy sidechaining.
  • Added "Fuzzer" insert-FX to make clean sounds more dirty.
  • Added "Follower" FX that allows flexible volume based modulations.
  • Added vu-meters between FX.
  • Added "step-envelope" as a modulation source.
  • Added inverted shapes for mod-matrix sources.
  • The Main-FX group is now lockable.
  • The Main-FX trancegate is now lockable.


  • Channel vu-meters are stereo now.
  • Moved instance parameters back to the front-page for easier access.
  • You can now add FX anywhere in the chain.
  • Modulation-sources are always visible now.
  • Removed annoying tooltip in librarian.


  • The VST3 version didn't load its skins on first open.
  • Portamento lock didn't work.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Added preset history to browser.


  • Improved screen-read support.


  • Bookmarked user-presets didn't load.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Added "shift" and "phase-offset" to timestretch-players.
  • Added information (root-key, key-range, etc.) to sample-player.


  • Arpeggiator: Moved preset-name and save button close to the preset list.
  • Replaced cloud-icon with user-icon in all browsers.


  • Aftertouch wasn't working anymore.
  • Graphical pitchbend-wheel didn't move.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes




  • Added "ROM Extension 4" expansion to showcase some of the new features.

  • Added "Routing"-page (replaces "Effects", "Trancegate" and "Layers" pages).

    • Added complete routing overview of the entire preset.

      • See which generators route into which layers, and which layers route into which FX-groups.
      • Quickly and directly adjust basic parameters directly from the routing page.
    • Added generator-inspector.

      • Parameters of individual VA-oscillators, sample-players, and wavetable-players can be adjusted.
    • Added layer-inspector.

      • Two filters, amp-settings, adsr-curves, etc. can now be directly edited.
    • Added FX-inspector.

      • The FX have been moved into FX-groups. Multiple layers can now route into the same FX-group to save CPU.
      • FX can be freely arranged via drag'n'drop, even between FX-groups!
      • You can add, remove, toggle all existing FX.
      • All FX-groups have their own LFOs and routing-matrix.
  • Added new reverb-type called "Black Hole".

  • Added new insert FX "wide mono". Creates a mono signal and then widens it using psychoacoustics techniques.

  • Added "random preset load" button (the die next to the previous/next buttons). Click on it and it loads a random preset from the list on the right. Very cool to get some surprising presets you may have not heard before.

  • Added "hold" button. Once engaged, it keeps on playing all notes until you press a new set of notes.

  • The brightness of the keyzone-note indicators now depends on the velocity of each key.

  • Added ability to change the number of key zones.

  • Added "depth" parameter to both user LFOs. They are modulatable via the mod-matrix as well.


  • Moved instance-settings and preferences to the "backside". Click on the reFX/Vengeance logos.
  • The whole UI now has more of a "hardware"-look.
  • Shimmer effect is a bit more pronounced now.
  • Arp-parameters that have no effect for that mode or tempo are now visually disabled.
  • Replaced cloud-sync with adjustable user-data path (configurable in the cloud app).


  • Shimmer for the ArtsAcoustic reverb-types was very noisy.
  • macOS: Ableton Live disabled automation lanes when NEXUS was used as an Audio Unit and the project was loaded.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes




  • Fixed trancegates restarting prematurely in "arp sync"-mode "soft".
  • macOS: Presets can now be saved again in MainStage.
  • macOS: Prevent menus from going full-screen under certain conditions.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Fixed very specific arp playback oddities.
  • Nexus1 and Nexus2 presets weren't importing their layer-delay and layer-reverb types correctly.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Removed "song"-mode from arp-sync.


  • Duplicating notes in the arp stopped prematurely.
  • Tempo changes caused performance problems.
  • Some internal modulations were clipped unnecessarily.
  • Arpeggiator was over-correcting under specific conditions.
  • Sustain pedal caused too many events during song-stop on some hosts.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Arpeggiator would play the first note twice in certain scenarios.




  • Removed three-dot menu from the librarian in favor of showing the functionality with buttons.
  • Moved skin-selection from preset-menu to avatar-menu.


  • Magnetic-FX: Toggling between mono and stereo works reliably now.
  • Undo/Redo doesn't affect non-preset parameters anymore.
  • Nexus1 presets wouldn't load correctly.
  • Dragging notes in sequencer mode sometimes behaved unexpectedly.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Releasing the sustain pedal caused some instability for some users. Made it safer.




  • Sequencer ignored its shuffle value.
  • Sustain pedal release only worked on the first keyzone.
  • Phaser-FX was causing excessive feedback in certain conditions.
  • The main-FX order was not processed correctly.
  • Layer-FX: "Analog-phaser" and "Limiter" are now compatible to previous NEXUS versions.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Added tags for ROM Extension 3.


  • Arp sometimes had stuck notes.
  • Even turned off arpeggiators sometimes caused weird pitch issues when portamento was enabled.
  • Layer-FX order was jumbled, resulting in sound differences.
  • Reduced priority for background preview-renderer.
  • Improved stability and general bug-fixes.




  • Content

    • Added Rom Extension 3 expansion with over 260 new presets.
  • Front panel

    • The reverbs gained a "shimmer" effect.
    • Output scope is now synced.
    • Added new spectrum analyzer.
    • Added new spectrum analyzer (bars).
    • Added new spectrogram.
    • Added new vector scope.
    • Added new stacked spectrum analyzer.
    • The skins can now be selected from the three-dot menu.
    • Hovering over your avatar reveals sync state and statistics.
    • Your avatar now has a sync and online indicator.
  • Librarian

    • Previews are now generated for users presets.
    • Tags are now created for user presets.
    • The search-field works for folders too now.
    • Folders can be added to favorites.
    • Folders are separated by headers, for a clearer overview.
    • The librarian has a history now, so if you get lost, you can go back easily.
    • The results are also separated by headers now, when sorted by category.
    • The preview on/off toggle is now next to it's volume dial, for quicker access.
    • The tag-display has been modernized.
  • Arpeggiator

    • The arpeggiator gained an fully interactive, zoomed out overview at the top.
    • A new option to "follow" has been added, so when zoomed in it follows the playback.
    • New editing options have been added (duplicate).
  • Modulation

    • The LFOs gained a view of their current shape and output value.
    • The Mod-matrix sources can now be "shaped" for more accurate control.
    • The Mod-matrix sources fields are now wider, allowing to read macro-names.
  • Effects

    • Effects can now be re-arranged by drag'n'drop.
    • Added "glitch" FX.
    • Added "ott" compressor FX.
    • Added "magnetic" insert FX.
    • Added "noise" insert FX.
    • Added "razor" insert FX.
    • Added a fifth insert FX slot.
    • The whole FX chain can be saved and loaded.
    • Each effect has a small set of presets, serving as starting points.
  • System

    • Instance

      • Added option for "arp-sync". Defines how the arp plays when releasing all keys.
      • Added "microtuning" option with lots of presets. Can also load any .scl file you throw at it.
    • Preferences

      • Added "unbounded" mouse, which allows adjustments even for values close to screen edges.