Nexus version history


FIXAdded more locking to prevent rare database corruption.
FIXMinor bugfixes.


CHGAdded more information to the support file
FIXLFO phase precision that caused invalid output values.
FIXmacOSRare crash if non-default skin was selected.
FIXmacOS64Check-marks in menus weren't working.


FIXMemory leak when loading preset or open / close GUI.
FIXHDD activity indicators not fading out.
FIXmacOSWorks with macOS 10.6.x again.


FIXToggling "Delay"-FX would sometimes cause Nexus to quit unexpectedly.
FIXMix-page lay-tab not clipped.


NEWAdded "midi preset select"-option (enabled by default).
NEWModulation-destination menus now have multiple levels.
NEWLayer and oscillator displays unified into one display.
CHGAllow voice limit down to 1.
FIXNames starting with dash ("-") could not be selected anymore.
FIXRAM display greater than 999 MB.
FIXARP-, TG- and FX-browsers context-menus.
FIXPreset-name display.


FIXUnexpectedly quit when opening the directory-selector.


FIXImproved USB-eLicenser communication.


FIXArts-Acoustic Reverb out of tune for sample-rates not 44.1 kHz.
FIXImpulse-Reverb out of tune for sample-rates not 44.1 kHz.
FIXImproved stability and increased performance.


FIXFeedback-bug introduced in 2.6.1.


NEW"tempo sync"-option on sys-page overrides internal synchronization.
NEWModulation destinations. Experiment with arp-speed and tg-speed.
CHGReduced memory usage considerably
FIXWINAAXwouldn't receive ALT-key events.


FIXmacOSAAX32Nexus sometimes unexpectedly quit if GUI was closed.
FIXFirst note played would sometimes cause a crackle / pop.


CHGAutomatic key-zone removal if possible.
CHGDisplay error-message when the output is muted.
FIXMuch better performance on AMD CPUs.
FIXmacOSAUversion was sometimes out of sync.
FIXUnexpectedly quit when running out of memory.


FIXAAXChanged automation parameter names to be identical to the RTAS version.


FIXAAXFixed RTAS compatibility.


NEWAAXMade Nexus AAX compatible.


FIXCatch-22 situation that didnt allow you to import.


NEWAdded lock-feature for mix-page (locks entire page, except layers and oscillators).
CHGRevised error-messages to be clearer and contain more useful information for support.
CHGRemoved obsolete information from support-file.
CHGmacOSImproved thread-syncronization performance.
FIXWINWindows 8.1 is now detected in support-file.


CHGAdded warning in case the impulse-responses haven't been imported, yet.
CHGAdded an error-message in case the master key file couldn't be imported.
FIXAdded ".mkf"-extension to the import-data file selector.


CHGRemoved eLicenser Control Center version detection.
CHGThe master key file is now deleted during the import.
CHGImport only youngest master key file, delete rest.
CHGShow current version number on first start after update / downgrade.
FIXmacOSExpansions larger than 2GB can now be imported.


NEWOne master key file for expansion- and skin-licensing instead of separate licenses for each file.
NEWImpulse Response Reverb added to mix-page.
NEWAdded "pb-speed" to mod-page (changes pitch-bend interpolation speed).
CHGarp-preview: if you modify / add an arpeggiator-step, the sound will be played immediately.
CHGmix-page changed to accommodate the additional eight layers and eight oscillators.
CHGvoice-limit is now saved for each preset.
CHGMaximum voice-limit increased to 128.
CHGRe-implemented MIDI-CC#7 and CC#11.


CHGReplaced the reFX logo with the new one.
FIXWhen importing skins, the licenses wouldn't be accept automatically until the next restart.
FIXmacOSThe "Manual"-option for locating the content wouldn't always work.
FIXmacOSThe live-content wouldn't be displayed under specific circumstances.


FIXNexus would quit unexpectedly with outdated skin files.
FIXPotential unresponsiveness when loading presets in rapid succession.
FIXRating-display would not always refresh immediately after preset load.


FIXFixed unintended side effect from license file upgrade.


FIXMinor bug fixes.


FIXImproved Delay-FX reset (no more pitched delays).
FIXNexus would quit unexpectedly when incomplete samples were loaded.


NEW16 new modulation-destinations.
FIXThe Delay-FX would sometimes be out of tune for the first note.
FIXImproved auto-bypass logic for the internal FX.
FIXImproved thread-syncronization (faster and more secure).


CHGDuring the content-search, folder names that contain the word "backup" will be skipped.
FIXThe Delay-FX would crackle very slightly when the tempo changed.
FIXThe arpeggiator would leave notes hanging under very specific and rare circumstances.


FIXThe mouse-wheel was not always working in Cubase.
FIXmacOSAUThe AudioUnit version doesn't steal the keyboard anymore.
FIXmacOS64Checkmarks for drop-down menus were missing for the 64-bit versions.
FIXmacOS64Text-edit fields were not working correctly in 64-bit versions.
FIXVarious minor fixes.


FIXDelay- and Reverb-types can now be selected directly again.
FIXmacOSFixed the last remaining eLC issues. All projects load/save fine now.
FIXmacOS32Text-edit fields were truncating input in 32-bit mode.
FIXmacOSAUTempo was stuck at 120 BPM in AudioUnit version.


CHGmacOSDisabled experimental zoom-feature.
FIXFixed a timing issue with the eLC.


NEWmacOSWIN6464-bit versions for Mac OS X and Windows.
NEWPhotorealistic GUI. Same familiar layout. New look.
NEWTwo master-FX slots (post-master-reverb).
NEWInsert FX: Talkbox
NEWInsert FX: Limiter
CHGPerformance optimizations.