NEXUS version history


CHGAdded shift-g and shift-h to vertically zoom the sequencer.
CHGAdded more colors for easier skin-customization.
CHGImproved error messages if login fails.
FIXWINImproved OpenGL detection.
FIXmacOSRight click now also works as ctrl+click.
FIXScrolling in sequencer mode didn't syncronize with the keyboard correctly.
FIXGeneral bug-fixes (minor).


CHGSelecting a skin or changing the preview parameter now always sets the default.
FIXGeneral bug-fixes (minor).


CHGAdded menu to set "current preview as default" and "current skin as default".
FIXGeneral bug-fixes (minor).


NEWAdded notifications when license needs to be refreshed (only if Nexus is used offline).
CHGAlways shows current UI-scale when hovering over resizer, not only when dragging.


NEWAdded skin support.
NEWAdded "undo" and "redo".
NEWAdded locks for some mod-sections.
NEWAdded visualizations of audio-signals in various places.
NEWAdded notifications when updates are available.
NEWFiltered out unreachable destinations in the mod-matrix.
NEWLayer names can now be assigned by right-clicking on layer-tabs, arp-tabs and tg-tabs.
NEWAdded a "minimal-keys" option so virtual midi-keyboards work better.
NEWDefault UI-size can now be saved for new instances.
NEWDefault preview-volume can be saved for new instances.
NEWAdded "fltVel" and "drive" as modulation-destinations in the mod-matrix.
NEWAdded "pitch", "modwheel" and "aftertouch" as automation-parameters.
CHGMoved the user menu onto the avatar.
CHGDisabled mouse-wheel editing for sliders on scrollable pages.
CHGHold shift while re-sizing the UI to adjust it in 5% steps.
CHGChanged order of keyzone colors to improve contrast for most presets.
CHGTweaked keyzone colors to be closer to their NKS-led counterparts.
CHGAdded cloud-service to convert 3rd party presets.
FIXArpeggio editors won't receive keyboard events when disabled.
FIXNKS-lightguide wasn't updated when editor was closed.
FIXDeleting the "User Presets"-folder didn't do anything.
FIXCorrectly detects Nexus1 saved in projects.
FIXGeneral bug-fixes (minor).


CHGChanged "sign out" to "deactivate".
FIXImproved sync with server.
FIXFocus now sticks when switching pages.
FIXFixed extremely rare sound-crackles.
FIXWINImproved stablity with FL Studio.


FIXOscillator parameters on the "layers" page couldn't be edited.


FIXWINImproved OpenGL detection even further.


CHGPrevious/next preset-buttons are now horizontal.
FIXRight-click on a preset doesn't trigger preview anymore.
FIXRe-focusing plugin window doesn't focus search-bar anymore.
FIXIn specific circumstances the folder, category and/or preset wasn't selected anymore (only visually).
FIXUncategorized presets couldn't be renamed or deleted.
FIXUncategorized bookmarks couldn't be loaded or deleted.
FIXWINImproved stability with FL Studio.
FIXWINImproved OpenGL detection.


FIXImproved stability for computers without AVX instruction sets.


FIXUsers presets can now be loaded from Bookmarks.
FIXImproved compatibility with international characters in file-paths.


FIXImproved license detection.
FIXImproved stability when enabling arpeggiator while notes are already playing.
FIXImproved stability for computers without AVX instruction sets.


CHGRemoved midi-through that would cause issues in Digital Performer.


CHGRenamed "features" page to "layers".
CHGPreset loading is now triggered with "cursor-right".
CHGRemoved preset-name tooptip in favor of a context-menu.
FIXFixed preset recall under very specific circumstances.
FIXImproved stability.


FIXImproved stability.


FIXImproved arp / tg saving.
FIXImproved stability.


FIXFixed preset lists of trancegate, arp, impulses.
FIXFixed sequencer synchronization.
FIXFixed missing shuffle of layer arps.


FIXImproved stability.


FIXImproved license detection.
FIXImproved AAX compatibility.


CHGWINAdded fallback for incomaptible UI acceleration.
FIXAAXImproved AAX compatibility.
FIXFixed crash when changing arp-pattern loop-start.
FIXImproved connectivity detection.


FIXImproved stability.


FIXmacOSAUImproved AU compatibility.


NEWInitial release.


FIXAdded more locking to prevent rare database corruption.
FIXMinor bugfixes.