NEXUS4 Expansion: Trance Voices🔥NewTrance / New AgeStephan EndemannOct 2023

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Only compatible withN4

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Want to make your next Trance track really "sing?" We've got what you need!

Trance Voices delivers a complete expansion of incredible new sounds, ranging from epic arps, rolling basslines, and wide pads to leads and tons of amazing vocals. Explore an entire galaxy of professionally recorded trance hooks from every gender, all embedded in musical context with accompanying pads and basslines, to show you exactly how to use them.

Of course, all vocals can also be played back and used in isolation in any track.

The vocals use Nexus' timestretch engine, so they will follow any pitch or tempo seamlessly while retaining outstanding quality. This is a true must-have!

*Please note that vocals may not be used commercially.


Vocal / Choir

XP Trance Voices131 presets

ARA New Entity
ARAround The Spheres
ARBali Rainfall
ARBeyond Horizon
ARCome To Me
ARComplex Rhythm
AREvil Flicks
ARHard Sequence
AROrganic Herbs
ARPlural Dots
ARPoolside Chords
ARSubber Blobber
ARThe Basic Arp
ARTouch The Sun
ARWe arrived
BABasic Classic
BAGolden Sand
BAGround Work
BANight Lights
BAPhaser Bass
BAPulse Roller
BASimply Fat
BASub Tech
DRBeat Builder (Percussion via MW)
DRTrance Voices Drumkit
FXSynth Uplifter MW
FXWhite Uplifter MW
GTElectric Memories
GTSynth Guitar
GTWater Garden
LD8000 Moog Dome
LDBlue Diver
LDDiamond Saw
LDForever Melody
LDFuture Blast
LDGolden Sugar
LDIn Between Worlds
LDLayers Of Air
LDSplash Cannon
LDSuper Blue
LDSuper Expander Module
LDThe Blue Stack
LDWonderful Location
PDBlack Moon
PDEndless Padwall
PDGlass House
PDRaspberry Milk
PDReflections on Ice
PDRetro Purple
PDSpace Corridor
PDStart The Day
PLIce Blocks
PLSimple Dot
PLSpace Flunk
PLSummer '99
PNFairytale Grand
SQAlthough It's Late (female)
SQBreathing In (male)
SQCatch Me (female)
SQDistant Light (female)
SQEvery Day (female)
SQEvery Night (female)
SQEvery Single Day (male)
SQFar Apart (female)
SQFree Your Mind (female)
SQI Don't Regret (male)
SQI Love The Sound (female)
SQInto The Deep (female)
SQInto The Ocean (male)
SQIs There A Way (female)
SQNa Na Na (female)
SQOn A Journey (male)
SQTake My Heart (female)
SQTake Off (female)
SQThat's What You See (male)
SQWe Came A Long Way (female)
STGlass Scope
STRainy Clouds
STSynth String
SYBig Bad Basspad
SYDivide The Stars
SYFloppy Disc
SYIce Clones
SYMini Troops
SYOberhyme Bell
SYPower Pipes
SYProg Robo
SYSpace Ants
SYSpace Flute
SYSpectral Voyage
SYSync Driver
TGAngel's Voice
TGPepper Race
TGSync Stutter
VOAlthough It's Late (female)
VOBreathing In (male)
VOCatch Me (female)
VODistant Light (female)
VODon't You Cry (Wavetable Phrase)
VOEvery Day (female)
VOEvery Night (female)
VOEvery Single Day (male)
VOFar Apart (female)
VOFree Your Mind (Wavetable Phrase)
VOFree Your Mind (female)
VOI Don't Regret (male)
VOI Love The Sound (female)
VOInto The Deep (female)
VOInto The Ocean (male)
VOIs There A Way (female)
VOMoving Choir (male)
VOMoving Choir1 (female)
VOMoving Choir2 (female)
VONanana (female)
VOOn A Journey (male)
VOTake My Heart (female)
VOTake Off (female)
VOThat's What You See (male)
VOWe Came A Long Way (female)
WWFantasy Flute
WWStorytelling Flute