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Swedish House 2

Swedish House 2

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Compatible withN2N3

These are the sounds that fill huge arenas.

Swedish House ushers in a new era with 135 fresh sounds to get the party started: inspiring arpeggios, melodic riffs, cutting basslines, and tight drums.

These trendsetting sounds are sure to make your next masterpiece stadium-worthy!


XP Swedish House 2 135 presets

ARBlockhead 1
ARBlockhead 2
ARChord Me
ARCloudless Sky 1
ARCloudless Sky 2
ARDirty Dust
ARHarry C.
ARPrime Strings
ARProgressive Plucks
ARRhythm 'n Effects 1
ARRhythm 'n Effects 2
ARSaw Ensemble
ARShuffle Groove
ARStress-Builder 1
ARStress-Builder 2
ARSunlight 1
ARSunlight 2
ARSwedish Piano
ARTop Of A Melo
ARXenon Light
BAAgressive Bite 1
BAAgressive Bite 2
BABass Boss
BABounce Bass 1
BABounce Bass 2
BABrown Hammer
BAFat Beard 1
BAFat Beard 2
BAFat Beard 3
BAFull Spec 1
BAFull Spec 2
BAHard Shaped
BAKick Bass 1
BAKick Bass 2
BANoise Bass 1
BANoise Bass 2
BANoise Bass 3
BAParty Fifth
BAThe Future 1
BAThe Future 2
BAWide Bass
DLBlue Radio
DLDirty Bitch
DLTonal Tribal Menu
DRDrumset 1
DRDrumset 2
DRDrumset 3
DRImpact Menu
DRTribal Percussions
FXAlarm (Use Porta)
FXBoom Downfilter
FXRhythm 'n Effects 1
FXRhythm 'n Effects 2
FXShort Sweeper
FXStatic Noise
FXSub Boom
FXSweep Down
FXSweep Up
FXTonal Reso Arp
GTSwedish Guitar 1
GTSwedish Guitar 2
LDAnalog Solo
LDBigroom 1
LDBigroom 2
LDBigroom 3
LDCatch The Light
LDCold Ice 1
LDCold Ice 2
LDDon't Cry
LDFast Forward
LDGood For Chords 1
LDGood For Chords 2
LDGreat Solo
LDLine Lead 1
LDLine Lead 2
LDLine Lead 3
LDLove Lead 1
LDLove Lead 2
LDLove Lead 3
LDLove Lead 4
LDOne Beer
LDParty Power
LDPhoenix 1
LDPhoenix 2
LDTrance Break
LDUltra Light
PDCommercial Pad
PDMouse Trap
PDPrime Strings
PDSand Of Inspiration
PDWide Area
PLClear Glas
PLFat Pluck
PLHard Bounce 1
PLHard Bounce 2
PLHard Bounce 3
PLNail In My Head
PNBreak Piano
PNDance Piano 1
PNDream Keys
PNOld Movie
PNSunny Rhodes
SQ3 Times (C1, C3, C5)
SQDirty Button
SQFeel The Sun
SQHard And Nasty
SQHard Stonehedge
SQJack Hammer
SQNo Worries
SQStraight And Delicious
SYAll Colors
SYBreak Chords
SYCrushed Harmonics
SYHousy Chords
SYLayer Stuff
SYScottish Bass
SYSour Cream
SYSynth Brass
SYSynth Trumpet