NEXUS4 Expansion: Studio Production 3 GuitarsReal InstrumentsYoad NevoNov 2022

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Only compatible withN4


Our Studio Production series offers essential sounds for professional producers that they rely on for their daily production needs.

This time, the spotlight is on guitars. Let Studio Production 3 become your virtual studio musician, providing impeccable guitar sounds ideal for any genre from Hip Hop and EDM to cinematic scores.

This expansion is an essential in every producer's toolbox.



XP Studio Production 3 Guitars131 presets

AR355 Chugs
ARAcoustic Down Strokes
ARAcoustic Shorts (Play Chords)
ARAcoustic Shorts Riff 1
ARAcoustic Shorts Riff 2
ARBouncing Fuzz
ARBouncing Steel
ARClean Power
ARClean Rhythm
ARDotted Rhythm
AREp Power Chords
ARFiltered Arp
ARFiltered Rubber String
ARFormant Shift
ARGuitar 303
ARGuitar Bite
ARGuitar Note Swell 1
ARIB Chord Pluck Bright
ARIB Chord Pluck En
ARIB Chord Pluck Leslie Fast
ARIB Chord Pluck Leslie Slow
ARIB Chords
ARIB Fifths Arp
ARIB Leslie Slow
ARIB Pluck Riff
ARIB Short Notes Dist
ARIndie Power Eights
ARJapan Decent
ARLoFi Power Chords
ARLow Strings Arp
ARNylon Strings Major
ARNylon Strings Minor
ARNylon Strings Minor 7
ARNylon Strings Pump
ARPicking Riff 1
ARPicking Riff 2
ARPicking Riff 3
ARPicking Riff 4
ARPicking Riff 5
ARPower Pump
ARRing Guitar
ARSin Gtr
ARStrat Muted
ARStrat Picking 1
ARStrat Picking 2
ARStrat Picking 3
ARStrat Power Eights 1
ARStrat Power Eights 2
ARStrat Power Eights 3
ARStrat Power Eights 4
ARStrat Power Eights 5
ARTele Half Strokes
ARTele OD Mutes
ARTele OD Rhythm
ARTele Rhythm
ARWater Guitar
BAHeavy Muted Pick
BAP Bass Muted Pick
BAP Bass Muted Thumb
BAP Bass Slap
BASub Bass
CHD Pedal Chords
CHDown Stroke Chords 1
CHDown Stroke Chords 2
CHDown Stroke Chords 3
CHDown Stroke Chords 4
CHFiltered Chords
CHIB Pluck
CHJazzmaster Chord Shimmer
CHNylon Strings 4_9 Chords
CHNylon Strings 7_9 Chords
CHNylon Strings Chords
CHNylon Strings Chords Pump
CHNylon Strings Dim_Aug Chords
CHNylon Strings Flamenco
CHRed Strat Chords 1
CHRed Strat Chords 2
CHRed Strat Chords 3
CHRed Strat Chords 4
CHRed Strat Chords 5
CHRhythm Chords
CHStrat Finger Chords 1
CHStrat Finger Chords 2
CHStrat Finger Chords 3
CHStrat Finger Chords 4
CHStrat Funk Chords
CHWah Chords
DR808 Dyn
DR808 Heavy
DRDrum Room
DRDrums Menu
DRNylon Strings Perc
DRPunch Kit
DRRock Drums
DRSquashed Drum Kit
DRStudio Drums Bright
GT175 Clean Fifiths
GT175 Drive Fifiths
GT355 Chugs
GTAnimated Guitar
GTAnimated Harp
GTChorus Tremolo
GTFirebird Thumb Mutes
GTFirebird Thumb Mutes Gated
GTGuitar Note Swell 1
GTGuitar Note Swell 2
GTGuitar Note Swell 3
GTGuitar Note Swell 4
GTGuitar Wash
GTIB Bright
GTIB Leslie Fast
GTIB Leslie Slow
GTLoFi Classic
GTNylon Strings
GTNylon Strings Pump
GTTele OD Fifths
GTTele OD Mutes
GTTele Up Strokes
PDMoving Pad
SYLoFi Guitar Pad
SYWind Organ
WWPipe Guitar
WWRecorder Guitar