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Studio Production 1

Studio Production 1

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Compatible withN3

Get ready to explore another world!

Studio Production 1 can take you anywhere you want to go sonically. With scene-setting synths, inventive drums, whimsical samples, and playful instruments from around the globe, this expansion will set the stage for any production.

Welcome to your new musical Swiss army knife for any and all studio productions!


XP Studio Production 1 215 presets

ARAuto Omnichord
AREl Piano Pump
ARFM Muted Keys
ARGated Spring
ARGlass Bells Arp
ARGlass Ceiling
ARGuitarlele Chords (C3-E4)
ARGuitarlele Frenzy
ARGuitarlele Muted Arp
ARIce Cream Van
ARLong Term
ARMajor Tom Piano
ARMandoline Frenzy
ARMuted Pump
ARPhaser Keys
ARPicking Guitar
ARPicking Oud
ARPluck Arp
ARSciFi Arp
ARSine Piano
ARSine of the Times Major
ARSine of the Times Minor
ARStrings Action 1
ARStrings Action 2
ARStrings Action 3
ARStrings Action 4
ARStrings Action 5
ARStrings Action 6
ARStrings Action 7
ARStrings Action 8
ARStrings Action 9
ARSynthy Chords
ARWave Sequence
BADeep Bass
BAElectric Bass
BAFM Distorted Bass
BAFM Wow Bass
BAMegaHertz Bass 01
BAMegaHertz Bass 02
BAMegaHertz Bass 03
BAMegaHertz Bass 04
BAMegaHertz Bass 05
BASlap Bass
BASolid Synth Bass
BASub Bass
BASub Square
BLFM Synth Bell
BLGlassy Bell
BRMegaHertz Brass
BRSynth Brass
BRThe Roman Empire
DLAir Toms
DLGarage Kit (C3-C4)
DLKitchen Sounds
DLMetal Table Kajon
DLMetal Table Perc
DLPercussion Noise Dub
DLPercussion Noise Patterns 1
DLPercussion Noise Patterns 2
DLShaker Loop 1
DLShaker Loop 2
DLTambourine Loop
DLThat Hi-Hat 1
DLThat Hi-Hat 2
DLThat Hi-Hat 3
DLThat Hi-Hat 4
DLThat Hi-Hat 5
DLThat Hi-Hat 6
DLThat Hi-Hat 7 (Mod=Sample)
DLThat Hi-Hat 8 (Mod=Sample)
DLThat Kit 01 (C3-C4)
DLToms n Beat 1
DLToms n Beat 2
DLTriangle Loop
DRDemo Drums 1
DRElectric Toms 1
DRElectric Toms 2
DRKitchen Sounds
DRMetal Table
DRPercussion Noise
FXJunk Yard
FXNoise Glitch 1
FXNoise Glitch 2
FXNoise Glitch 3
FXNoise White
FXStop The Press
FXWhere Do We Go From Here..
GTAC Guitar
GTAC Guitar (Play Chords)
GTAC Guitar Up Down Strokes
GTClean Fifths
GTFog Warning
GTGuitarlele Chords (C3-E4)
GTGuitarlele Japan
GTGuitarlele Muted
GTLP Distorted Wah
GTLP Octave
GTLuan DBass
GTOver The Drive
LDDentist Lead
LDSaw Lead
ORFar Fisa
ORHamm On D 1
ORHamm On D 2
ORHamm On D 3
ORLoFi Organ
ORPunchy Organ
PDAnimatic Pad
PDPad 1
PDPad 2
PDPad 3
PDSynth Layers
PDSynth Voice
PLEl Punch
PLFlick Pluck
PLMegaHertz Pluck
PLPlastic Drops
PLPlastic Tears
PLSine Drops
PLSynthy Size
PLTriangle Drops
PNAmped Piano
PNBright Piano
PNCompressed Piano
PNDeep Piano
PNDistorted Piano
PNElectric Piano
PNElectric Piano Tines
PNFM Piano
PNFM Wurli
PNFelt Piano 1
PNFelt Piano 2
PNInfused Piano
PNLoFi Piano
PNPiano Hammers
PNPiano Road
PNReversed Piano
PNThe Opperator
PNUpright Piano
SQ90s Psytrance
SQAC Guitar Riff (C3 Split)
SQAC Guitar and Perc
SQBass Seq
SQFM Keys Riff
SQFar Fisa Chords
SQGuitarlele Chords (C3)
SQGuitarlele Muted
SQGuitarlele Muted Attack
SQGuitarlele Muted Riff
SQGuitarlele Muted Violins
SQLead Arp
SQLoFi Piano Riff
SQMajor Tom Piano Riff
SQMegaHertz Bass 2
SQPizz Chords
SQSir Riff
SQSpace Flute Arcade
SQStrings - Major Chords
SQStrings - Minor Chords
SQStrings Habitat (C3 Split)
SQStrings Riff
SQWater Chords
STLush Strings 1
STLush Strings 2
STStrings Aug_Dim7 (C3 Split)
STStrings Major_Minor (C3 Split)
STStrings Nine_MJ7 (C3 Split)
STStrings Sept_Min7 (C3 Split)
SY8bit Console
SY70s Emotion
SYAnna Logue
SYBack To Square One
SYDistorted Sync
SYEnd Of The Beginning
SYFM Spooky Wave
SYFull Of Shift
SYJuno Rev2
SYMegaHertz Attack
SYMegaHertz Punch
SYMegaHertz Short
SYMuted Analogue
SYPhase II
SYReverse Ghost
SYSR Reverse Drops
SYSaw Dust
SYSaw It
SYSynth Attack
SYSynth Chugs
SYSynthy Size
SYThe Fifths Club
SYWavebable Sparkle
VOVoice 1
VOVoice 2
VOVoice 3
VOVoice 4
WWSpace Clarinet
WWSpace Flute