NEXUS2 Expansion: K-PopPop / ChartsStephan EndemannFeb 2018

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Take a trip around the world with the new K-Pop (Korean Pop) expansion pack!

This genre has been a huge success in Asia and worldwide. Remember Gangnam Style? Who doesn't want to hear more of that? Grab these 134 fresh sounds to put dance basses, singing leads, playable Korean vocal pop phrases, tight drums, and exotic arpeggios and square waves with different, brain-melting chords and scales into your next hit!

This one will set you up to combine unique sounds to create something never before imagined or heard, whether you're creating a K-Pop or J-Pop (Japanese Pop) track, or just want to spice up your Western productions!


Vocal / Choir

XP K-Pop134 presets

ARA Night Out In Seoul
ARBusan Live Singer
ARDaegu Barclub
ARFeel The Music
ARGangman Party
ARGirls Pop Chord
ARHae Voice
ARHang Song
ARK-Dance Hookline
ARKorean Air DJs
ARLead Bounces
ARLeasure Saxo
ARUtopic Sunrise
ARVocal Punch Line
BAClub Zen
BADust Machine
BAFuture Pop
BAFuture Sub
BAPink Sportbag
BAPower Stack
BAPsyco Bass
BASmash Bash
BATech Housy
BAWobbling Basement
BRCasual Trumpet
BRFast East Horns
BROldschool Sample
BRTrap Band
CHAsian Restaurant
CHPiano Pagode
CHVinyl Brassonic
CHVoca Choirs
DLGangman Beat
DLK Charts Beat
DLPop Casting
DLTrap Jap
DRDemo Drums
DRK-Pop Drums
DRK-Pop Percussion
FXAtmo Live
FXLazer Buzz
FXMW Break Motion
FXMW Phase Lift
GTAmp Guitar Boys
GTAmp Guitar Girls
GTBass & Lead
GTSensai Lofi Bass
LDChill Wasabi
LDCloudy Saw
LDEastern Wakeup
LDHybrid Synthomatic
LDHyper Dance
LDMega Vast
LDNote Brush
LDParty Cracker
LDSinging Sun
LDSoft Rattle
LDStrobo Stripes
LDTV Live Show
LDTechno Zock
LDVoca Loud 1
LDVoca Loud 2
PDFading Horizon
PDMars Juno
PDSecret Wishes
PDStadium Silence
PDSwaying River
PDUuuuh Angels
PDVoca Loyd
PLAdina Kim
PLAiry Pluck
PLBoo Bop
PLClean Plastic
PLDrew Tek
PLDrop Shot
PLGlobal Marketing
PLMarimba Mood
PNMysterious Airpiano
PNRising Sun
PNWritten in FM
SQDance Alpha Vox 128BPM
SQDance Bassmaze 128BPM
SQDance Clubby 128BPM
SQDance Dada 128BPM
SQDance Hallasan 128BPM
SQDance Minutes 128BPM
SQDance Moonlight 128 BPM
SQDance Waterfalls 128BPM
SQDance Zoombox 128BPM
SQFuture All Night 128BPM
SQFuture Drop 100BPM MajMin
SQFuture Hop 100BPM
SQFuture Lights 128BPM
SQFuture Majestic 140BPM MajMin
SQFuture Pop 128BPM
SQFuture Sound 128BPM
SQFuture Twinkles 100BPM
SQFuture Yakuza 115BPM
SQPop Radio 120BPM
SQPop Teens 110BPM
SQPop V-Dance 128BPM
SQPop Zoomba 128BPM
STAcoustic Juno
STArt Of Dreaming
STEastern Movie
STLead Strings
SYAircraft Shot
SYColorful Dull
SYFifth Leader
SYMachina Futura
SYNasty Bag
SYPop Basic Chord
SYTokyo 80s
SYVoicy Saw
VOAndro Tek
VOCappy Girl
VOClear Voice
VOKorean Phrases 1
VOKorean Phrases 2
VOKorean Phrases 3
VOKorean Phrases 4
VOKorean Phrases 5
VOSonic Sabor
VOSpacey Lead
VOTalking U
WWMysterious Flutelead
WWSunset Hills