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Compatible withN2N3

The real deal: 128 shimmering, euphoric house sounds that are all dancefloor. Arm Nexus with this expansion and wonder how you ever produced without it.


XP House 129 presets

BABass Acoustic
BABig12 Pick
BADigital Bass 1
BADigital Bass 2
BADigital Bass 3
BADigital Bass 4
BADigital Bass 5
BADigital Bass 6
BADigital Bass 7
BADigital Bass Layer
BAE Bass 1
BAE Bass 2
BAE Bass 3
BAE Bass 4
BAE Bass 5
BAE Bass Layer
BALo Fi Bass 1
BALo Fi Bass 2
BALo Fi Bass Disto
BARaw Saw
BASlide Menu
BASynth Bass 1
BASynth Bass 2
BASynth Bass 3
BASynth Bass 4
BASynth Bass 5
BASynth Bass 6
BASynth Bass 7
BASynth Bass 8
BASynth Bass 9
BASynth Bass 10
BASynth Bass 11
BASynth Bass 12
BAThe Donk Bass 1
BAThe Donk Bass 2
BLBell Odyssey
BRSexy Saxes
BRSynth Brass Chords
BRVintage Big Band 1
BRVintage Big Band 2
BRVintage Big Band 3
BRVintage Big Band 4
CLDrunken Sailor
DRDemo Drums Menu
FXSweepin Up
FXZzz Downlifter Noise
GTGuitar Strings
GTJazz Guitar Octaved
LDChillin House Lounge 1
LDChillin House Lounge 2
LDChillin House Lounge 3
LDHouse Ensemble 1
LDHouse Ensemble 2
LDHouse Ensemble 3
LDHouse Ensemble 4
LDHouse Ensemble 5
LDHouse Ensemble 6
LDHouse Ensemble 7
LDHouse Ensemble 8
LDHouse Ensemble 9
LDPoppy Chords
LDSeventies Chords 1
LDSeventies Chords 2
LDSeventies Chords 3
ORBig Organ
ORNinty House Organ
OROldscool Organs
OROrganic Pad
ORSweet 60s
PDLo Fi SpektralPad
PDWarmest Vintage
PLHousepikes 1
PLHousepikes 2
PLOrchester Househit 1
PLOrchester Househit 2
PLVirgin FM
PNClavi Funk Fat
PNClavi Funk Thin
PNClavi Sponge
PNDirty Housepiano
PNDirty Piano Chord Maj
PNDirty Piano Chord Min
PNDirty Salsapiano
PNE Piano Bell
PNE Piano DX
PNE Piano Funky
PNE Piano Mix 1
PNE Piano Mix 2
PNE Piano Mix 3
PNE Piano Mix 4
PNE Piano Rhodes 1
PNE Piano Rhodes 2
PNE Piano Rhodes 3
PNPsycho Hippies
PNSalsa Pianochords
SQA-Bass Sequence
SQFunky Crazy
SQHouse Sequence 1
SQHouse Sequence 2
SQHouse Sequence 3
SQHouse Sequence 4
SQHouse Sequence 5
SQHouse Sequence 6
SQMakin Some Athmo
SQOcean Of Sines
STBig Strings
STDiscofever Strings
STHouse String Ensemble
STLo Fi Stringpad 1
STLo Fi Stringpad 2
SYFunkee Chords
SYHarptron Chords
SYI Am Horny
SYSimple Square
VOPop Stacks
WWTiny Flute