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House 3

House 3

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Compatible withN2N3

Bring down the house with the House 3 expansion pack!

Explore 140 presets of the hottest new sounds in disco house, wild complextro, sexy funky house, filtered French house, and melodic classic house.

Outstanding production is mixed with a future-forward spin that bounces the groovy sounds of the '70s into 2070!


XP House 3 140 presets

ARFast Arp
ARFunky 80s
ARGamers Arp (Min - Maj)
ARMoog Arp
AROld Synth
ARThat French Bass
ARWah Guitar
BAAmp Bass
BABig Bass
BACool Funky Bass
BADa Future
BAFender Funk Bass
BAFm Bass
BAFunky Bass 1
BAFunky Bass 2
BAMoog 1
BAMoog 2
BAMoog 3
BAOrgan Bass
BASlap Bass 1
BASlap Bass 2
BASquare Bass
BASub Bomb
BASynth Bass 1
BASynth Bass 2
BASynth Bass Hard 1
BASynth Bass Hard 2
BRBrass N Strings
BRBrass Section
BRBrass n Strings Stacc
BRSax Staccatto
CHClassic House
CHWah Guit
DRDemo Drums 1
DRDemo Drums 2
DRDemo Drums 3
DRDemo Drums 4
DRDemo Drums 5
DRDemo Drums 6
DRDemo Drums 7
DRDemo Drums 8
FXBubbles! (Modwheel)
FXDemo FX 1
FXDemo FX 2
FXDisco Tom
FXInsektenschwarm (Modw)
FXJunior (Modwheel)
FXSquare Wob (Modwheel)
GTMuted Guitar
LDAnalog Saws
LDChoir Saws
LDPhunky Saw
LDPulse & Strings
LDSaw Chords 1
LDSaw Chords 2
LDSaw Chords 3
LDSquare Lead
LDTalkbox Lead
LDThe Workdays
LDVibrato Synth 1
LDVibrato Synth 2
LDVibrato Synth 3
ORHouse Organ
ORSoul Organ
PDNice Pad
PDSoft Pad
PDWarm Housytrancy
PDWarm Pad
PLBells 1
PLBells 2
PLFire Square
PLSquare Pluck
PLWhat u want
PNPiano 1
PNPiano 2
PNRhodes 1
PNRhodes 2
SQCan't Stop
SQComplex 1
SQComplex 2
SQComplex 3
SQComplex 4
SQComplex Cluster 1
SQComplex Cluster 2
SQComplex Cluster 3
SQComplex Cluster 4
SQComplex Cluster 5
SQDeep House 1
SQDeep House 2
SQDeep House 3
SQDisco Times 1
SQDisco Times 2
SQElectric One
SQFunky Complex 1
SQFunky Complex 2
SQFuture House 1
SQFuture House 2
SQGuitar Chords
SQJazz n Groove
SQKeep on groovin
SQRaw Shape
SQTake me Higher
SQTouch me
SQUK Garage
ST70's Strings
STBig Synth Strings
STSoul Strings
SYBrassy Chords
SYFunky Chords 1
SYFunky Chords 2
SYHard Chords
SYHouse Chords 1
SYHouse Chords 2
SYHouse Chords 3
SYHouse Chords 4
SYLayer Cake
SYOld Hoover
SYRandom Complex Cutz
SYRandom Complex Cutz 2
SYRandom Complex Cutz 3
VOVocal Cutz 1
VOVocal Cutz 2