NEXUS2 Expansion: House 2Electro / HouseMirko RutaMay 2013

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Get funky with House 2! A treasure of Disco House, French House, and Filter House in the style of bands such as Daft Punk, Shapeshifters, Alan Braxe, and Spiller. Spread over 160 presets, Mirko Ruta and Manuel Schleis pull out all the stops and impressively show that "Funk & Soul" is in the Nexus!



XP House 2160 presets

ARAll The Humans
ARBrown Milk
ARChords MinMaj Mod
ARLight Bells 1
ARLight Bells 2
AROld Bass
ARPlucktropolis 1
ARPlucktropolis 2
ARRadio Groove
ARRandom Waves
ARSidechain Pad
ARThat Shuffle
ARThru A Pipe
ARWelcome To The 90's
BABouncy Cubes
BAClassic House
BADly Tremo
BALoFi Slap
BAPulse Bouncer
BASine Adds
BASlapBass 1
BASlapBass 2
BASlapBass 3
BASlapBass 4
BASynthbass 1
BASynthbass 2
BASynthbass 3
BASynthbass 4
BATwo Oct Waves
BR70s Horn
BRBlue And Yellow
BRBrass 1
BRBrass 2
BRGet It
BRLive Synth
BRSexy Saxes
BRSynthetic Brass 1
BRSynthetic Brass 2
BRSynthetic Brass 3
DLHousebeat 1
DLHousebeat 1 Random
DLHousebeat 2
DLHousebeat 2 Random
DLHousebeat 3
DLHousebeat 4
DRBig Drumset
DRGuitar Hit Percs
FXBlue Gate
FXDisco Flares
FXHold me, I am a loop
FXNoise Down
FXNoise Up
FXSpace Down
FXTake Off
GTConcertChords Major
GTConcertChords Minor
GTConcert Solo
GTHeavens Guitar
GTSteel Solo
GTSynth Guitar
LDCrying Discotheque
LDEndless Wind
LDJust Saws
LDPerfect Dream
LDReso In It
LDScream Chords
LDSolo Lead 1
LDSolo Lead 2
LDSolo Lead 3
LDSolo Lead 4
LDSolo Lead 5
LDSolo Lead 6
LDSolo Lead 7
LDSolo Lead 8
LDThink About It
OREuro Organ 1
OREuro Organ 2
OREuro Organ 3
OREuro Organ 4
OREuro Organ 5
OREuro Organ 6
PDAnalog Multipad
PDFast Chords
PDWhite Stream
PLMetal Sticks
PLMr Waffles
PNDa Housepiano 13
PNDance Piano 1
PNDance Piano 2
PNLovely Rhodes 1
PNLovely Rhodes 2
PNLovely Rhodes 3
PNLovely Rhodes 4
PNPiano 1
PNPiano 2
PNRock The Party
SQBand Walker
SQBeach Player 1
SQBeach Player 2
SQClassic Arts 1
SQClassic Arts 2
SQClassic Arts 3
SQClassic Arts 4
SQClassic Arts 5
SQClassic Arts 6
SQClassic Arts 7
SQDaft Growl
SQDatalove 120BPM
SQDeep Chicago 1
SQDeep Chicago 2
SQEpic Chords
SQFlat Bass
SQFunky Tonight
SQGallone Begins
SQHouse in Ninety
SQJun Jackior 1
SQJun Jackior 2
SQJunior Trumpet
SQLittle Orch
SQLove House
SQMe And You
SQMotown Funk
SQOne Night in Rio
SQOrganic House
SQPoly Guitar
SQQnok Qnok
SQRhodes In Action
SQSH Funky Years
SQSmaller Phats
SQThat Feeling
SQVocoder Snippet 1
SQVocoder Snippet 2
SQVocoder Snippet 3
STOld Strings 1
STOld Strings 2
STOld Strings 3
SYAnalog Beast
SYAnalog Example
SYDistorted Laser
SYGrand PW
SYLive Synth
SYVintage Chord Menu 1
SYVintage Chord Menu 2
SYVintage Chord Menu 3
SYVintage Chord Menu 4
VOVoc Oneshots Major
VOVoc Oneshots Minor