NEXUS2 Expansion: HollywoodReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisApr 2011

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

All the orchestral sounds needed to create complex arrangements that will rival those heard in big-budget, blockbuster movies. Sensuous strings, bold brasses and wonderous woodwinds come together to create an amazing arsenal of sound at your fingertips.


Vocal / Choir

XP Hollywood130 presets

BADark Celli Concert
BADark Contra Concert
BADark Powerhorns
BLConcert Xylophone
BRDamped Lead Horns
BREmotion Horns
BREpic Horns
BRGlorious Horns 1
BRGlorious Horns 2
BRGlorious Horns 3
BRIncentive Horns
BRMixed Brass Section
BRTrombone Section
BRTrumpet Section
DLArming for Battle 120BPM
DLBig Trailer 120BPM
DLDrums Of War 1 120BPM
DLDrums Of War 2 120BPM
DLDrums Of War 3 120BPM
DLHollywood Drums 130BPM
DLMarch of Armies 140BPM
DLTension 130BPM
DLTimpani Tension
DLTribalism 120BPM
DLVictory Hymn 120BPM
DRConcert Timpani 1
DRConcert Timpani 2
DRConcert Timpani 3
DRHollywood Drums 1
DRHollywood Drums 2
DROrch Kit
DRPop Orch Kit
DRSnare Kit
GTBallad E-Bass
GTConcert Guitar
GTConcert Ukulele
GTMovie Guitar
LDAll Lead Instruments
LDAll Leads and Choir
LDIndian John
LDString Oct Lead
LDTrombone Lead
LDTrumpet Lead
ORBig Cathedral Organ
ORSmall Chapel Organ
PDAmbience Strings
PLAngels Harp
PLConcert Harp
PLConcert Pizzicato
PLJungle Tinka
PLOrch Hit
PNForest Theme
PNGrandma Memories
PNMovie Score 1
PNMovie Score 2
PNMovie Score 3
PNPiano and Strings
PNRoom Ambience
PNThe Hero Enters
SQAction Time 125BPM
SQAdagio For Drone 80BPM
SQArming for Battle 120BPM
SQAvatars Theme 130BPM
SQBig Trailer 120BPM
SQCall of War 80BPM
SQDeep Space Seven
SQDeep Voyager
SQEvil Prepares 120BPM
SQGreat Plains 115BPM
SQHe is a Pirate! 130BPM
SQImperial March 120BPM
SQLand of Sand 110BPM
SQLost Battlefield 120BPM
SQMarch of Armies 140BPM
SQMusicbox Waltz 120BPM
SQMusicbox Waltz Piano
SQStrings&Horns Split
SQSweet Split
SQTension 130BPM
SQTension Hits
SQThe Grid 100BPM
SQThe Hero Enters 140BPM
SQVictory Hymn 120BPM
SQWarsong 75BPM
STBlockbuster Strings
STChamber Ensemble
STChamber Strings
STChamber Strings 2
STGolden Strings
STHerc Strings Big
STHerc Strings Chamber
STIn Concerto Vio
STLondon Strings
STLord of the Violins
STSad Staccato Bows
STSoft String Ensemble
STTrue Staccato! 1
STTrue Staccato! 2
STUniversal Strings
STViolin Ensemble
STViolin Strings 1
STWilliam Strings
VOBig Epic Choir
VOBig Male Choir
VODesert Tenor
VODiva Concert
VODiva Stakkato
VOFlat Robo Tenor
VOGospel Females
VOGospel Males
VOSad Holy Choir
VOStar Tenor Lai
VOStar Tenor Uuh
VOTenor Popstack
WWBlockflute Ensemble
WWBlockflute Solo
WWFlute Ensemble
WWFlute Solo
WWFrench Accordion
WWPiccolo Pan Ensemble
WWPiccolo Pan Solo
WWWoodwind Ens
WWWoodwind Front