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Hollywood Synth Edition

Hollywood Synth Edition

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Compatible withN2N3

Hollywood is back with another gem.

Adrenalin-driven action arps, thrilling drum sequences, mysterious spheres, and beautiful epic sounds are featured among the 132 synthetic generated blockbuster sounds.

Inspired by movies such as Tron, Blade Runner, and Oblivion; indispensable for modern Hollywood productions.


XP Hollywood Synth Edition 132 presets

ARAlysia Theme
ARBass Foundation
ARBeginning Of Change
ARCold Drone
ARCrunch Bass
ARCycle Bass
ARHard Bassline
ARHighSpeed Arp
ARIce Harmonica
ARLoss of control
ARPlay Me Softly
ARRainbow Elves
ARRoll Bass
ARShort Moving
ARThe Batnight
ARWatching you
ARWhite Angel
ARWild Harp
ATBass Area
ATBullfrog LFO
ATChoralis Red
ATNight of evil
ATWorld of Athmos Menu
BAClip Master
BAExtrem Dister
BAHard Stuff
BAKill Bass
BAMuffled & Distorted
BASlightly Distorted
BATight Bass
DLAmok Drums
DLCrush Beat
DLDangerous Mission
DLEastern Rhythm
DLEscape the Room
DLHummer Drums
DLMachine Drummer
DLMachine Drummer2
DLMachine Drummer3
DLNoise Drummer
DLPure Nexus Drums
DLRun away
DLSlow Motion 100BPM
DLTrouble Drums
DRCar Drums
DRCrash & Perc
DRDark Drums
DRUltra Tron
FXDark Creature
FXDeep Hotchpotch
FXDense fog
FXEarth Contact
FXEvil Destroyer
FXRamp Sweep
FXSwitch Off
FXUp & Out
LDHigh Sirius
LDPassive Saw
LDVisage Lead
PDArdent Flight
PDBehind the Horizon
PDChanging World
PDDark Matter
PDGhost Phenomenon
PDHolodeck Memorial
PDIce Age
PDLight Flute
PDNexus Oscillatoria x8
PDOld Apparatus
PDOrion Talk
PDSelf Hypnosis
PDShare your pain
PDSilent city
PDWrong Angel
PNPiano Softly
PNPiano Surface
PNPure Emotions
SQCybernetics 100BPM
SQDark Shadows 100BPM
SQDeadline 100BPM
SQDevil shooters110BPM
SQEternal Patience 100BPM
SQFuture of Flight 110BPM
SQGround London 100BPM
SQIn Timelapse 100BPM
SQIndependent 100BPM
SQInside Outside 100BPM
SQLord of Battle 100BPM
SQNature of Security 110BPM
SQNeon Color 110BPM
SQOutlast 110BPM
SQPredominance 100BPM
SQPulse Shadow 100BPM
SQRemote Distance 100BPM
SQSatanik 100BPM
SQSecret Meeting 90BPM
SQSterile Form 100BPM
SQTelepointer 120BPM
SQThe Dark Witness 100BPM
SQTransmission 120BPM
SQWater Emblem 100BPM
STCello & Strings
STFull Spiccato
STGentle Strings
STHorns & Strings
STMonster Bass Spiccato
STMovie Strings
STSpiccato Dominante
SYAngry Tranzied
SYPearl Synth
SYRelax Sun
SYShifting Level
SYSoft Soul
SYThe Abyss
SYWarm Morph
TGMachine moves
VOMystic Choir
VOOctopod Robot