NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Synth Edition 3Real InstrumentsAlexander MetzgerAug 2017

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Roll out the red carpet for Hollywood Synth 3! This expansion offers glitz and glamor dressed up in the sexiest synths imaginable.

Author Alex Butcher opened his secret synthesizer archives for this one, providing 140 presets that will set the stage for any style of modern music, from trance and electro house to EDM.

With stunning pads, wonderful atmospheres, vintage synths, adrenaline-driven basslines, and earthshaking trailer drums, you can add a touch of cinematic magic to any track in one dramatic heartbeat.


FX Sound

XP Hollywood Synth Edition 3140 presets

ARAges & Empires
ARBack to the Line
ARBounty Ride
ARCentury City
ARCool Score Walk
ARCrazy Velocity
ARDark Shift Arp
ARDarkness Arp
ARDont Stop It
ARGroove in Arp
ARLets Roll Noise
ARMovie Arp
AROrder Arp
ARRobot Dance
ARRunning Pluck
ARScore Bass Arp
ARSecrets of Space
ARSinging Wavetable
ARSmack Arp
ARStay Cool
ARSuspense Arp
ARSweet 90s Poly
ARTime to Run MW
ARVelocity Attack
ATCinematic Atmo
ATDooms Day Atmo
ATDrone Atmo
ATEnd of the World
ATEvil Income
ATFear to Lose
ATGalactica Atmo
ATHall of Drops
ATMoon Atmo
ATPlanet Patrol
ATPumping Heart & Chor
ATSpaceship Speed Up
ATStrange Crackle Atmo
ATT2 is watching You
ATTales for a Crypt
ATTaurus Atmo
BADeep Bass
BADeep FM Bass
BADeep Space
BADelicacy Bass
BADont Laugh!
BAHelicopter Bass
BAMovie Boost
BANyborg World
BASub Trailer Bass
BASword Bass
BAThe Beast
BATouch Down
BAUnique Bass Hit
BAWarm Bass
BAX4 Analog
BRButchers Nasty Horn
DLMove On MrCool
DLWoody Drum
DRDownbeat Loops Sync 110BPM
DRDrum Set
DRNasty Loops Sync 110BPM
DRSynthy Timpani
FXButchers Cinematic Set
FXCrying Aliens
FXDrone Set
FXLoFi Effect Set
FXLogan Runs fast
FXSEM Filter Sweep
FXScream Baby
FXSeti World
FXThe Boss is calling
FXThe Dinosaur
FXThe Mystic Zip
FXThe Ploop
FXWashboard Random
LDDevinity 80s Lead
LDDreamy Metal
LDEpic Oriental Lead
LDEscape from New York
LDFM Score Lead
LDFantasy Melody
LDGlassy Magic
LDGlide Lead
LDHard Lead
LDLeague Lead
LDMagic of SEM
LDMelody of Hope
LDModular Lead
LDMystic Movie Bell
LDOSC Sync Lead
LDRunning Lead
LDSynthy Guitar
LDThe Real Deal
LDWavetable Bell
PDCinematic Organ Pad
PDCinematic Phaser Pad
PDEclipse Filter Pad
PDEpic Dream Pad
PDLogic Phaser Pad
PDModular Movie Pad
PDOdyssey Pad
PDPlanet of Freedom
PDPrince of Darkness
PDSend the Gods
PDSpace Exploration
PDThe Witch Pad
PDVoltage Detune Pad
PDWarm 80s Pad
PNFlying Piano
PNPiano of Mystic
SQ2025 The End 110BPM
SQAttack the Warlord 110BPM
SQBrass of Nastiness 110BPM
SQFrozen Days 110BPM
SQGate of Freedom 110BPM
SQGlory of Mystic 110BPM
SQIndustrial Waves 110BPM
SQMystic Jungle 110BPM
SQOld Fashion Magic 110BPM
SQSad News 110BPM
SQSecret of Infinitely
SQSigns of Freedom 110BPM
SQStrange Pitch 110BPM
SQTerror Move 110BPM
SQThunder of Dead 110BPM
SQWho Need 110BPM
SQWild Thing
SQYou are Crazy
SQZzz Boom
ST70s Noise String
STModular String
STThe Saga Begins
STVintage String
TGMagic Trigger Pad
VOCrying Voice
VOLonely Space Heart
VOSpace Voice
VOVoice of God