NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Sound FXDrums / EffectsAlexander MetzgerMay 2016

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Crash, bang, boom! It's here:

The expansion pack with more than 4,600 premium Hollywood sound effects! Hollywood Sound FX is divided into 64 different categories to help you easily find what you’re looking for, whether you need a sunny beach atmosphere for a chillout track, complex risers for an epic EDM break or shrill sirens for a hardstyle banger.

This one is jam-packed with every sound effect imaginable and is perfect for use in music, trailers, web videos, and as foley FX for movies! Don't miss this gigantic collection available for an unbeatable price!


FX Sound

XP Hlw Sound FX64 presets

FXAirport Announcements
FXAlarms & Siren
FXAlien Drones Atmos
FXAlien Machines
FXApplause Cheers Crowd
FXBabys & Kids
FXBeach Offshore FX
FXBirds & Animals
FXCar & Interieur
FXCartoon Sounds
FXChurch And Bells
FXCity Atmos
FXConsoles & Computers
FXConstruction Yard
FXConsumables & Food
FXDoors Cars Gates Misc
FXDoors Rooms And Keys
FXFalling & Drops
FXFighting Impacts
FXHelicopters & Planes
FXHorn Sounds 1
FXHorn Sounds 2
FXLaser & Blaster
FXLevers & Switches
FXMetal One Shots
FXMotors Generators
FXMystery Deep Booms 1
FXMystery Deep Booms 2
FXOne Shot Misc
FXRain Thunder Wind
FXRestaurants Shopping
FXRivers Creeks Fountains
FXRoom Ambience 1
FXRoom Ambience 2
FXSci-Fi Booms
FXSci-Fi Downlifter
FXSci-Fi Pass By
FXSci-Fi Scanner
FXSci-Fi Short Swoosh
FXSci-Fi Uplifter
FXScrape & Rasp
FXSignal Sounds 1
FXSignal Sounds 2
FXSpace Metal 1
FXSpace Metal 2
FXSpring Drum
FXTheme Park Holiday
FXTrailer Tonal Booms
FXTrain Atmos
FXTrainstation & Urban
FXVocal Monsters
FXWalki Talki LoFi Kill
FXWalking Athmos
FXWater Misc
FXWaterphone Ambiences
FXWaterphone Bow & Rubber
FXWorking & Tools
FXX-Dance Effects