NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Percussion LoopsReal InstrumentsA. Metzger & M. SchleisDec 2016

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Help us celebrate another milestone in Nexus-Hollywood history!

This gigantic pack comes with more 3,000 (yes, that’s correct: three-thousand!) real, live-recorded cinematic percussion loops and turns every key on your keyboard into a unique loop that you can combine in real time. All loops fit perfectly together and are designed to match your song’s time signature and bpm.

Manuel Schleis and Alex Butcher spent more than one year crafting and capturing this huge arsenal of orchestral, acoustic and rare drum recordings with the best recording gear available.

The Hollywood Percussion Loops expansion delivers magic and cinematic power that will bring all of your music to life!


Live Loop Menu
FX Sound

XP Hlw Prcn Lps38 presets

FXDemo FX Menu
LPArt of War
LPBig Trailer Oriental
LPBig Trailer Toms Epic
LPBodhran Loops
LPBonus 2000 Loops Complete
LPBonus 2000 Loops Submix
LPBonus Synth 1 Fmin 110BPM
LPBonus Synth 2 Fmin 110BPM
LPBonus Trailer MixMash
LPDistortion Loops 1
LPDistortion Loops 2
LPDoomstep Loops
LPFat Cat Drums 1
LPFat Cat Drums 2
LPFrame Drum Loops
LPGlitch Loops 1
LPGlitch Loops 2
LPHorror-Adrenalin Loops
LPHuman Body Loops
LPLive Darbuka Group
LPLoop Pattern Alpha
LPLoop Pattern Beta
LPLoop Pattern Gamma
LPMetal Loops 1
LPMetal Loops 2
LPMixed Percs 1 Oriental
LPMixed Percs 2 Military
LPMixed Percs 3 Shadow
LPMixed Percs 4 Modern
LPModular Attack Loops
LPPiano From Hell
LPSynth Generated
LPTriangle Loops
LPTriplets Epic
LPTriplets Epic Percs
LPTupan Drum Loops
LPWarfare Loops