NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Percussion Loops 2Real InstrumentsAlexander MetzgerJul 2018

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Cue the dramatic, timpani drum roll:

Hollywood Percussion Loops 2 is here!

Explore thousands of drum loops recorded live with the best recording gear available to capture the most pristine audio imaginable. Recording mastermind and professional drummer Alex Butcher spent nearly a year collecting, recording, and editing concert drums, ethnic African and Japanese drums, medieval drums, self-made instruments, large metal objects, and even small household objects.

The result is a veritable sound stage of almost every conceivable percussive sound you could ever need for a cinematic score, movie trailer, or even contemporary club hit.

Have the sounds of Hollywood at your fingertips for your next artistic creation!


Live Loop Menu

XP Hlw Prcn Lps 240 presets

LP10000 Warriors
LPAdrenalin Rolls
LPArt of War v2
LPBattle Run
LPBig Low Ends
LPBonus 2000 Complete
LPBonus 2000 SubMix
LPBonus Attack Focus
LPButch Synth 1 Fmin 110BPM
LPButch Synth 2 Fmin 110BPM
LPChakha Oriental
LPClaves Epic
LPDesert Whip
LPDistortion V2 Loops 1
LPDistortion V2 Loops 2
LPExecution Walk
LPFade In FX 2Bars
LPFade In FX 4Bars
LPFade Out FX
LPForbidden Realms 1
LPForbidden Realms 2
LPGlide Up FX 8Bars
LPGlitch Time
LPJungle Elite Mash
LPLoFi Art 1
LPLoFi Art 2
LPLost Raider
LPModwheel Claps FX
LPMystic Pitch Traveller
LPMystic Score Hitter
LPNasty Downbeat 1
LPNasty Downbeat 2
LPOdyssey Analog
LPTribal Score
LPTriplets Score
LPWaterphone FX
LPWaterphone Pipes
LPWorld of Hihats
LPZ-End Loops
LPZ-End No Release