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Hollywood Percussion Loops 2

Hollywood Percussion Loops 2

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Compatible withN2N3

Cue the dramatic, timpani drum roll:

Hollywood Percussion Loops 2 is here!

Explore thousands of drum loops recorded live with the best recording gear available to capture the most pristine audio imaginable. Recording mastermind and professional drummer Alex Butcher spent nearly a year collecting, recording, and editing concert drums, ethnic African and Japanese drums, medieval drums, self-made instruments, large metal objects, and even small household objects.

The result is a veritable sound stage of almost every conceivable percussive sound you could ever need for a cinematic score, movie trailer, or even contemporary club hit.

Have the sounds of Hollywood at your fingertips for your next artistic creation!


XP Hlw Prcn Lps 2 40 presets

LP10000 Warriors
LPAdrenalin Rolls
LPArt of War v2
LPBattle Run
LPBig Low Ends
LPBonus 2000 Complete
LPBonus 2000 SubMix
LPBonus Attack Focus
LPButch Synth 1 Fmin 110BPM
LPButch Synth 2 Fmin 110BPM
LPChakha Oriental
LPClaves Epic
LPDesert Whip
LPDistortion V2 Loops 1
LPDistortion V2 Loops 2
LPExecution Walk
LPFade In FX 2Bars
LPFade In FX 4Bars
LPFade Out FX
LPForbidden Realms 1
LPForbidden Realms 2
LPGlide Up FX 8Bars
LPGlitch Time
LPJungle Elite Mash
LPLoFi Art 1
LPLoFi Art 2
LPLost Raider
LPModwheel Claps FX
LPMystic Pitch Traveller
LPMystic Score Hitter
LPNasty Downbeat 1
LPNasty Downbeat 2
LPOdyssey Analog
LPTribal Score
LPTriplets Score
LPWaterphone FX
LPWaterphone Pipes
LPWorld of Hihats
LPZ-End Loops
LPZ-End No Release