NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Action TrailerReal InstrumentsAlexander MetzgerMar 2017

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

BOOM! Here it comes!

Thrilling cinematic sounds at their finest! Explore 139 extremely well recorded and programmed, Hollywood-ready masterpieces in this expansion pack.

All sounds - ranging from pulsating basslines, power horns and drones to suspense-packed arpeggios, energizing pads and epic drums - were painstakingly recorded from real instruments by recording guru Alex Butcher. But the excitement doesn't stop there! So many devastating sound effects also await you! Big metal hits! Crashes! Booms! Bangs! A totally broken piano - and a unique, bpm-synced 61-key upriser menu!

What are you waiting for? The suspense is killing us!


FX Sound

XP Holly Action Trailer139 presets

ARAnalog Bassdrum
ARCold Sensation Bass
ARDeep Riding
AREasy Poly ARP MW
ARFlanger ARP MW
ARGotcha MW
ARMans Def Wumper
ARMoody Bass
ARMystic ARP Bass
ARPercussion ARP
ARPhaser Bass
ARPortion Control
ARPulse Poly ARP
ARRunning 80s ARP
ARThe Thing MW
BAChorus Knarz Bass
BADark Bass
BADry FM Bass
BAFear Bass
BAFlanger Bass
BAFrog Bass Split Keys
BAHorror Trailer Saw
BAMission Impossible
BANo Mercy Bass
BANoise Bass
BAReso Bass
BAScore Delay Bass
BASub Analog Bass 1
BASub Analog Bass 2
BAWarm Bass
BAWobble Bass 1 MW
BAWobble Bass 2 MW
BRDirty Movie Horn 1
BRDirty Movie Horn 2
BRIntro Horn & Pad
BRSynthy Horn MW
BRTrailer Intro Horn
BRTrailer Riser
BRWarzone Riser
DRAction Set 1
DRAction Set 2
DRAction Set 3
DRAction Set 4
DRAction Set 5
DRAction Set 6
DRBig Frame Drum
DRBodhran Drum
DRCajon Bongo
DRCajon Set Big
DRCajon Set Small
DRCocktail Drum Set 1
DRCocktail Drum Set 2
DRCool Drum Kit
DRCrash Cymbal Set
DRCrash Reverse Set
DRDark Tupan World
DRDistortion Set
DREpic Surdo Drum
DRMini Shaker Set
DRMisc Drums Set
DRRide Cymbal Set
DRSmall Frame Drum
DRTaiko 15 Inch Set
DRTaiko 21 Inch Set
DRTrash Snare Set
FXAction Synthy Zap
FXAction Trailer Saw
FXAlien Modwheel
FXBattle Ship
FXBlast of Hell
FXButchers Zombie Set
FXDarknet MW
FXDeep Booms
FXDoom Effects Set
FXFade In BPM Sync
FXFear Atmo Set C
FXMetal Modwheel Effects
FXMystic Mini Wood Set
FXPiano Effect Sounds
FXTalking Bass
FXThe Others
FXWormhole Laser
LDBroken Bones Lead
LDDark Lead
LDDistrict 9 MW
LDDrive Trailer Lead
LDEclipse Lead
LDElectric Lead MW
LDEnemy of the Public
LDLo-Fi Hold Key
LDModular Lead MW
LDName of Rose
LDNasty Legato Lead
LDScream & Run
PDDark Filter Pad
PDDark Noise Pad
PDDeath Star Pad
PDDiamond Rain Pad
PDDiffusion Chorus Pad
PDEpic Metropolis Pad
PDEpic Reverse Pad
PDLand of Freedom MW
PDMystic Modwheel Drone
PDMystic Thriller Pad
PDOld Witch Pad
PDSaturn Moon Atmo
PDScore Pad MW
PDSpace Beach Pad
PLCrazy Score Square
PLCrystal FM Bell
PLFM Percussion Pluck
PLPlucked FM
PLPure Sinus Magic
PNBright Reverb Piano
PNDark Piano Flute
PNFantasy Piano
PNHard Saturation Piano
PNHello San Francisco
PNMystic Oriental Piano
PNPiano Old Detune
SQDont Mess with the Devil
SQFunny Jungle Fever
SQMystic Tales
SQOriental Taiko Ride
SQStrange World
SQThe Last Walk
SQThunder Walk
SQTime to Destroy
SQZero Gravity
STButter Staccato
STFlying Devil String
STLost in Space MW
STMystic Keep Hold String