NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 3 GuitarsReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisJun 2015

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Experience cinematic guitars at their finest with this vast selection of acoustic steel, nylon, electric, distorted, and bass guitars - all sampled with precision and passion.

Whether you need muted or open power chords, Spanish guitars with note slides, Western guitars, concert-worthy steel guitars, funky slap basses, warm jazz guitars, or epic leads, this expansion pack delivers!


FX Sound

XP Hlw3 Guitars93 presets

ARBasic 5th Rhythm 16RR
AREasy Listening 6RR
AREye of the Wolf 8RR
ARGuitar Cyborg
ARNylon Custom Strum 4RR
ARSpider Bass 4RR
ARTrailer Whirl MW
ARWarfare Fuzz
BABass Guit Amp 4RR
BABass Guit Direct 4RR
BABig Nylon Bass 3RR 4 Vel
BAE-Bass Slapped 3RR 4Vel
BAFretless Bass 3RR 4Vel
BAFretless Bass Simple 2Vel
BAIban E-Bass
BAMute Bass 3RR 2Vel
BAPicked Bass 3RR 2Vel
BASoft Finger Amp
BASuper Pick 2RR 3Vel
BASyn 80s Slap
BASyn E-Bass
BASyn Pickbass
BATrad E-Bass
BAUpright Soft
FXSlides and FX Menu
GT12 String 1 8RR 2Vel
GT70s Warm Jazz 6RR
GTAC3 Strt Electric 2Vel
GTAcou & Electric 6RR
GTBang Bang Guitar
GTBari Strat Bridge 2RR
GTBari Strat Multi 2RR 2Vel
GTBari Strat Neck 2RR
GTConcert AC Steel 6RR 2Vel
GTJazz Guitar 6RR 3Vel
GTJazz Octaved 6RR
GTLatin Nylon Finger Neck
GTLight Amped Strat 3RR 2Vel
GTNylon & Steel 6RR
GTNylon + VelSlide 2RR 3Vel
GTPowerchord Combo Short 8RR
GTPowerchords Metal 16RR
GTPowerchords US Strt 8RR
GTPowerchords un-amped 16RR
GTSad Steel 6RR 2Vel
GTSad Warm Nylon
GTSpider 60s 2RR 2Vel
GTSteel Clean Amp 3RR 2Vel
GTSteel Clean Direct 1 3RR 2Vel
GTSteel Clean Direct 2 2Vel
GTThree Electrics 4RR
GTWest Times Guitar ++
GTWest Times Guitar 1
GTWest Times Guitar 2
GTY Acoustic Bridge 2RR
GTY Acoustic Multi 2RR 2Vel
GTY Acoustic Neck 2RR
LDDistant Memories 4RR
LDDistortion LD Bend 4RR 2Vel
LDEtherial Guitars 6RR
LDLatin Gypsy Lead 2RR 2Vel
LDLead Guitar 1
LDLead Guitar 2
LDLead Guitar 3
LDLead Guitar 4
LDLead Guitar 5
LDLone Cowboy
LDWild West Ranger
SQAngelfalls Rock 100BPM
SQBluesy 100BPM
SQColossum 110BPM
SQEasy Pop 160BPM
SQEnter Hell 120BPM
SQFingerpicking in Minor 110BPM
SQGuitar Loop 128BPM
SQHeavy Duty 120BPM
SQHurricane Kid 170BPM
SQMatrix 100BPM
SQMatriza 120BPM
SQModern Trailer 110BPM
SQNight Mission 110BPM
SQNylon Real Chords 1 8RR 110BPM
SQNylon Real Chords 2 8RR 120BPM
SQOrch Rock Blast 90BPM
SQRising Up 140BPM
SQRock-a-licious 120BPM
SQRock n Pop 130BPM
SQSlow Movement 140BPM
SQSpecial Agents 110BPM
SQStreetfight 90BPM
SQStreets of Metropolis 90BPM
SQWorlds End 165BPM


  • Yam. Bass Guitar Amp / Direct
  • Slap E-Bass
  • Two Fretless Bass
  • Iban E-Bass
  • Muted Bass
  • Picked Bass
  • Fingered Bass
  • Upright
  • Soft Finger Amp
  • Big Nylon Bass
  • Slides and FX Menu
  • 12 String Steel
  • Jazz Guitar
  • AC3 Strat Guitar
  • Bang Bang Guitar
  • Bari Strat
  • Concert AC Steel
  • Nylon Finger
  • Amped Strat
  • Powerchord Metal (muted/open)
  • Powerchord US Strat (muted/open)
  • Powerchord Short (muted/open)
  • Powerchords Clean (no amp) (muted/open)
  • Spider 60s
  • Clean Steel
  • Western Guitar
  • Gypsy Guitar
  • Five Lead Guitars (Dist)
  • Y Acoustic Neck/Bridge
  • Spanish Nylon + Vel Slide