NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 3 EthnoReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisJun 2015

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

You'll have the whole world in your hands with this impressive expansion back that brings together authentic sounds from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and India - and even includes rare and ancient instruments.

All professional players were used to blow, pluck, hit, bow, and play this panoply of world instruments. Prepare to explore uncharted territories of sound!



XP Hlw3 Ethno106 presets

ARBaya Drum 10RR 2Vel
ARTabla Drums 10RR 2Vel
BALatin Music E-Upright
BLMusic Box 15 Tone 4RR 2Vel
BLMusic Box 20 Tone 2RR 2Vel
BRBavarian Trombone
BRMariachi Trumpets 1
BRMariachi Trumpets 2
DLPercussive Voyage 90BPM
DRBaya Drum 10RR 2Vel
DRBig Oriental Drums
DRBrazilian Caixa Snare 10RR 8Vel
DRBrazilian Surdo 12RR 8Vel
DRCarnival in Rio 50Pl
DRCastagnets 1 & 2 12RR 4Vel
DRDarDjemDoum in C 10RR 10Vel
DRDarbuka 10RR 10Vel
DRDarbuka and Kessing 10RR 10Vel
DRDjembe 10RR 10Vel
DRDjembe and Kessing 10RR 10Vel
DRDoumbek 10RR 10Vel
DRDoumbek and Kessing 10RR 10Vel
DREthno Trailer Drums
DRMetal Shaker Menu 10RR 7Vel
DRTabla Drums 10RR 2Vel
DRUdu Drum in C 16RR 3Vel
DRUdu Drum in D 16RR 3Vel
FXDidgeridoo Menu in E
FXHousehold Percussions
GTChinese Zhong Ruan
GTIndian Sarod 6RR 3Vel
GTIshwari Sitar 5Vel
GTPanjabi Sitar 6RR 2Vel
GTSitar 16RR 2Vel
LPDavul Loops 110BPM
LPDavul Loops Triplet 110BPM
MAFiber Glass Bowl
MAFlower Bowls
MAGlass Harmonium
MALog Drum
MALog Drum 2
MAMetal Bowl 11 Tone 4RR 4Vel
MAMetal Drum Pads
MAOld Rusty SteelDrm 3Vel
MASteel Drum Queen 10RR 3Vel
MASteel Drums Pan 6RR 3Vel
MASteel Drums Simple 4Vel
MASteel Wheel
MAThailand Gongs 3RR 2Vel
MAZen Bowls
OROrgan Vintage 78 Full
OROrgan Vintage 78 Pad
OROrgan Vintage 78 Perc
PLAfrican Kalimba 1
PLAfrican Kalimba 2
PLCeltic Harp
PLIndian Santur 6RR 2Vel
RDAccordion Concerto
RDGaida Bagpipe
RDHarmonica Chrom64
RDHarmonica Small
RDInd Harmonium Reg 1 Solo 6RR
RDInd Harmonium Reg 1+2 6RR
RDInd Harmonium Reg 1+2+3 6RR
RDPirates of the Accordeon
RDPungi Flute 4Vel
RDSteirisch Favourite
RDToy Accordeon
SQBollywood Masala 110BPM
SQFolk Split 100BPM
SQKalkutta Taxi 110BPM
SQMexican Fever 125BPM
SQOktoberfest 2.0 110BPM
SQReggaemuffin 90BPM
SQRising Sun Split 90BPM
SQScottish Champion 110BPM
SQThe Fair 120BPM
SQThe Highlands 110BPM
STChinese Er Hu MW Vib
STGadulka 3RR 2Vel
STIndian Dilruba 6RR 3Vel
STIrish Fiddle 4vel
STOrient Strings
SYBavarian Bariton 4Vel
WWBamboo Flute
WWChina DiZi Flute Stc
WWChina DiZi FluteSusV
WWChina DiZi Flute Tri
WWChinese DiZi Flute Sus
WWFairy Ocarina 2Vel MW
WWIrish Tin Whistle
WWKaval Flute Staccato 4RR
WWKaval Flute Sustain 2RR
WWPennywhistle Metal
WWPennywhistle Wood
WWPeruvian Flute + Oblw 3Vel
WWShakuhachi 3Vel
WWSynthetic Pipes
WWVienna Baroqueflute


  • Indian
    • Baya Drum
    • Tabla Drum
    • Sarod
    • Sitar
    • Santur
    • Harmonium
    • Dilruba
  • Latin
    • E-Upright
    • Mariachi Trumpets
    • Brazilian Caixa
    • Brazilian Surdo
    • Carnival Group
    • Castagnets
    • Three Steel Drums
    • Pipeflute
  • European/Western
    • Bavarian Trombone
    • Three accordions
    • Two Harmonicas
    • Davul Drums
    • Gadulka
    • Bavarian Bariton
    • Kaval Flute
    • Vienna Baroqueflute
  • Oriental
    • Oriental Drums
    • Darbuka
    • Djembe
    • Doumbek
    • Pungi
    • Orient Strings
  • African
    • Udu Drum C
    • Udu Drum D
    • Two Kalimbas
    • Bamboo Flute
  • Asian
    • Zhong Ruan
    • Chromatic Thailand Gongs
    • Er Hu
    • DiZi Flute
    • Shakuhachi
  • Irish
    • Celtic Harp
    • Bagpipe
    • Fiddle
    • Tin Wistle
    • Two Pennywhistles
  • Assorted
    • Two Musicboxes (15 tone and 20 tone)
    • Metal Shakers and Kessing
    • Didgeridoo
    • Hand Pans and Metal Drums
    • Glass Harmonium
    • Log Drums
    • Ritual bowls
    • Rare 70s Wersi Organ
    • Cembalo
    • Melodica
    • Ocarina