NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 3 Epic CollectionReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisJun 2015

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Expand your library with larger-than-life sounds from Tutti Orchestral recordings, huge brass and string sections, cutting-edge trailer sounds, dramatic drum ensembles, atmospheric magic, and inspiring sequences and arpeggios.

This blockbuster expansion pack will become the new epicenter of all your productions.


FX Sound

XP Hlw3 Epic Collection92 presets

ARAcBass Plucks 4RR
ARLiving String Spiccato
ATMystikon 120BPM
ATPure Tension 100BPM
BAAcouBass Bowed 4RR 4Vel
BAAcouBass Fingered 3RR 4Vel
BAMonster Bass Strings
BATrailer Sub Pulse
BLMagician Kid
BLPitch Fork A 440hz
BR1Hrn 1Tro 1 Tru 1Tub
BRBigband Section 7Pl
BRBigband Stacc
BRFestival Horns
BRFluegelhorn Solo & Stacc
BRFrench Cornet 2Vel
BRGigantic Epic Horns
BRHeroic Trombone Stacc
BRHip Hop Brass
BRMarching Trumpet Solo
BRMellophon Solo
BRNatural Horn Group
BRNatural Horn Solo
BRSmall Crescendo Sec
BRWagner Tuba All 6Pl
BRWagner Tuba B 2Pl
BRWagner Tuba F 2Pl
BRYC Brass 12Pl
DRCymbal Crescendo Menu
DREpic Crash Cymbal Hits
DRSynthetic Drums
DRTemple Gong 18'' 11Vel
DRTemple Gong 22'' 11Vel
DRToms of War 4RR 2Vel
DRTribal Toms 8RR 4Vel
FXClassical Church Menu
FXCrowd FX Menu
FXDrones & Athmos Atonal
FXDrones & Athmos Tonal 1
FXDrones & Athmos Tonal 2
FXDrones & Athmos Voices
FXRips & Riser Tutti 3
FXRips & Riser Tutti Endings
FXSplatter Cluster 110BPM
LDReturn of the Emperor
MAHarpinoleste Split
MAMallet Mash
OCAction Please!
OCAtlantis Split
OCEpic Dawn Split
OCHobbington Split
OCStrings & Brass Bed
OCSuper Spiccs
OCWide Strings & Soft Bass
PDWarm Tiny Bells
PLConcert Harp Enhanced
PNStone Way revisited
PNTwisted Dream Piano
SQArtificial Intelligence 100BPM
SQAscension 100BPM
SQCaribbean Coast 110BPM
SQEpic Action Scene 1 125BPM
SQEpic Action Scene 2 160BPM
SQEpic Action Scene 3 80BPM
SQEpic Action Scene 4 140BPM
SQImperial Assault 110BPM
SQInner Core Split
SQIntercontinental 110BPM
SQMytron 110BPM
SQNew Zineland 110BPM
SQPulserunner 110BPM
SQSamurai Raider 110BPM
SQSuperheroes 130BPM
SQTen Shui 115BPM
SQThe Barrier 120BPM
SQUnveil 90BPM
SQZinevibe 110BPM
STAmber Strings
STEnder Spiccato 8RR 2Vel
STFog Strings
STLoFi Strings
STMelancholic Strings
STPad Strings
STSynthetic Strings
STTragic Warrior
SYRecap I
SYRecap II
WWScottish Highlands 1
WWScottish Highlands 2


  • New Tutti Orchestra Recordings
  • New Brass:
    • Flugelhorn
    • Festival Horns
    • Marching Trumpet
    • Mellophon
    • Natural Horns
    • Wagner Tuba B and F Groups
  • Five different suspended concert cymbals (hits / crescedos in three lengths)
  • Two temple gongs (18" & 22")
  • Five concert toms
  • Drones & Athmos menues:
    • Tonal1
    • Tonal2
    • Church
    • Atonal
    • CrowdFX
    • Voices
  • Tuttis Rips & Riser and Endings
  • New Pianos
  • Epic Action Sequences
  • New Spiccatos: “Ender Spiccato” and “Living String Spicc”
  • Five new String Groups
  • Tons of synthesized sounds
  • Two new Woodwinds