NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 3 Drumkits & PercussionsReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisJun 2015

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

This one gives "Drum roll, please" a whole new meaning. With up to 16 round robins and 10 velocity zones, playing a single preset can involve more than 1,000 samples - and that's just the beginning!

This kit also includes percussive sounds of all shapes and sizes, from metal hits recorded in a junkyard to gigantic Taiko drums, as well as loops and fills played by virtuoso percussionists.


Live Loop Menu
FX Sound

XP Hlw3 Drumkits Perc98 presets

DLAction Sticks Loop 110BPM
DLAngelfalls Rock 100BPM
DLArtificial Intelligence 100BPM
DLAscension 100BPM
DLBluesy 100BPM
DLCaribbean Coast 110BPM
DLColossum 110BPM
DLEasy Pop 160BPM
DLEnter Hell 120BPM
DLEpic Action Scene 1 125BPM
DLEpic Action Scene 2 160BPM
DLEpic Action Scene 3 80BPM
DLEpic Action Scene 4 140BPM
DLHandclaps 110BPM
DLHeavy Duty 120BPM
DLKens Theme 170BPM
DLLatin 120BPM
DLMatrix 100BPM
DLMytron 110BPM
DLNight Mission 110BPM
DLOrch Rock Blast 90BPM
DLRaider 110BPM
DLRising Up 140BPM
DLRock-a-licious 120BPM
DLRock n Pop 130BPM
DLSlow Movement 140BPM
DLSpecial Agents 110BPM
DLStreetfight 90BPM
DLStreets of Metropolis 90BPM
DLSuperheroes 130BPM
DLTen Shui 115BPM
DLUnveil 90BPM
DLWar Drums 1 120BPM
DLWar Drums 2 120BPM
DLWar Drums 3 110BPM
DRAction Sticks 16RR 2Vel
DRAgogo Chromatic
DRAgogo Hi Low
DRAll Cymbals Menu 5RR 2Vel
DRBass Framedrum 8Vel 10RR
DRBassdrum 20inch 8RR 6Vel
DRBassdrum 26inch 6Vel
DRBassdrum Live 8RR 4Vel
DRBassdrum Studio 10RR 5Vel
DRBeggar Drum 10RR 4Vel
DRBig Live Drumkit 10RR 5vel
DRBig Live Drumkit Eco
DRBongo Low&Hi 8RR 6Vel
DRCompressed Live Kit
DRConcert Action Toms 1
DRConcert Action Toms 2
DRConcert Anvil x6 8RR
DRConga Lo&Hi 6Vel 10RR
DRCowbell 16RR 4Vel
DRDavul 10RR 3Vel
DRFinger Cymbals 10 RR 4Vel
DRHihats Live 8RR 6Vel
DRHihats Studio 8RR 5Vel
DRMarching Snares 10RR 5Vel
DRMetal Hand Percs 8RR 2Vel
DRMetal Percussions 3RR 2Vel
DRMini Shaker 16RR 2Vel
DRPerc Concert Triangle
DRRoto Toms 2 10RR 6Vel
DRRoto Toms 2 Chr 10RR 6Vel
DRShaman Drum 8RR 3Vel
DRSnare Live 1 8RR 6Vel
DRSnare Live 2 8RR 6Vel
DRSnare Piccolo 10'' 10RR 9Vel
DRSnare Piccolo 14'' 10RR 9Vel
DRSnare Studio A 10RR 6Vel
DRSnare Studio B 10RR 6Vel
DRSnare Studio C 10RR 6Vel
DRStudio 1 Drumkit 10RR 5vel
DRStudio 1 Drumkit Eco
DRTaiko Drum Big 8RR 8Vel
DRTaiko Drum Small 8RR 8Vel
DRTam Tam Big 9Vel
DRTam Tam Small 8Vel
DRTambourin Big 20RR 2Vel
DRTambourin Small Free 12RR
DRTambourin Small UpDown 12RR
FXConstruction Yard Metal 2Vel
FXDeep Boom Menu 2
FXDeep Boom Menu 3
LPAll Loops Super Mash 110BPM
LPBig Kit Fill Ins 110BPM
LPBig Kit Loops 110BPM
LPMisc Perc Loops 110BPM
LPStudio Kit Fills 110BPM
LPStudio Kit Loops 110BPM
LPTrailer Action 1 110BPM
LPTrailer Action 2 110BPM
LPTrailer Action Triplet 110BPM
MACrotales 4RR
MAMini Glockenspiel 1 2Vel
MAMini Glockenspiel 2 2RR
MAWind Chimes 2RR 2Vel


  • Big Live Drumkit (Tama Imperialstar)
  • Big Studio Drumkit (Various Drums)
  • Actions Sticks
  • Agogo
  • Cymbals Menu
  • Bassdrums (20", 26")
  • Beggar Drum
  • Bongo (Lo Hi)
  • Conga (Lo Hi)
  • Concert Toms
  • Anvil
  • Cowbell
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Marching Snares
  • Metal Percussions and FX
  • Mini Shaker Menu
  • Concert Triangle
  • Roto Toms (Lo Mid Hi)
  • Shaman Drum
  • Snare Piccolo 10”
  • Snare Piccolo 14”
  • Big Taiko Drum
  • Small Taiko Drum
  • Tam Tam Big and Small
  • Two Tambourin
  • Two Deep Boom Menus
  • Crotales
  • Two Glockenspiel
  • Wind Chimes
  • Live Loops:
    • Big Kit Drumloops
    • Big Kit Fills
    • Studio Kit Drumloops
    • Studio Kit Fills
    • Misc Perc Loops / Conga Live Loops
    • Trailer Action Loops 1 & 2
    • Trailer Triplet Loops