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NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Winds & BrassReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisNov 2013

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

The winds and brass instruments define the Hollywood sound!

Powerful horns, growling trombones, cutting trumpets and deep, bassy tubas.

Experience the crystal-clear lead flutes, the sub-bassy contra bassoon and bass clarinet, a wonderfully sad oboe, funky saxophones and perfectly mixed tutti woodwind ensembles!



XP Hlw2 Winds & Brass77 presets

ARKings March
BALow Monster Brass
BRAlien Invasion Brass
BRBass Trombone Stacc
BRBass Trombone Sus MW
BRBass Trombone Sus Vel
BREpic Brass Staccato
BREpic Brass Sustain Vel
BRHeroic Horns
BRHorn Solo MW
BRHorn Solo Vel
BRHorns 4Pl Staccato
BRHorns 4Pl Sus MW
BRHorns 4Pl Sus Vel
BRHunting Horns
BRTrom+Trump OctLd Vel
BRTrombone 3Pl Stacc
BRTrombone 3Pl Sus MW
BRTrombone 3Pl Sus Vel
BRTrombone Solo MW
BRTrumpet 4Pl Staccato
BRTrumpet 4Pl Sus MW
BRTrumpet 4Pl Sus Vel
BRTrumpet Solo MW
BRTrumpet Solo Vel
BRTuba & BsTrom Stac
BRTuba & BsTrom Sus MW
BRTuba & BsTrom Sus Vel
BRTuba Solo Staccato
BRTuba Solo Sus MW
BRTuba Solo Sus Vel
BRTutti Brass Crescndo
BRTutti Ensemble 1 Sus
BRTutti Ensemble 2 MW
BRTutti Ensemble Stac 1
BRTutti Ensemble Stac 2
BRTutti Horn Ensemble Sus
BRTutti Small Brass 5Pl
SQCaptains Chair
SQJazzy Finger 120BPM
SQLets Get Funky 120BPM
SQLonesome Trumpet
SQOboe & Violins Split
SQOnce Upon A Time
WWAlto Flute Solo
WWAlto Flute Solo Stacc
WWBass Clarinet Solo
WWBass Clarinet Solo Stacc
WWBassoon Solo
WWBassoon Solo Stacc
WWClarinet Bb Solo
WWClarinet Bb Solo Stacc
WWContra Bassoon Solo
WWContra Bssn Solo Stacc
WWEnglish Horn Solo
WWEnglish Horn Solo Stacc
WWEns Baroque Winds 1
WWEns Baroque Winds 2
WWEns Flutes Stacc 4Pl
WWFlute Solo
WWFlute Solo Stacc
WWOboe Solo
WWOboe Solo Stacc
WWOboe Solo Vib
WWPiccolo Solo
WWPiccolo Solo Stacc
WWSax Big Band 4Pl
WWSaxophon Alt Solo
WWSaxophon Bariton Sol
WWSaxophon Sopran Solo
WWSaxophon Tenor Solo
WWSopran Clarinet Solo
WWTutti Soft Ens 9Pl
WWTutti Staccato 9Pl
WWTutti Sustain 9Pl
WWWoodwind Tutti Orch


  • Tuba Solist (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Bass Trombone Solist (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Trombones 3 Player (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Trombone Solist (Sustained)
  • French Horns 4 Player (Sustained, Staccato)
  • French Horn Solist (Sustained)
  • Hunting Horn (Sustained)
  • Trumpets 4 Player (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Trumpet Solist (Sustained)
  • Low Brass Ensemble (Sustained)
  • Tutti Brass Ensemble (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Contra Bassoon (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Bassoon (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Bass Clarinet (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Clarinet Bb (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Clarinet Sopran (Sustained)
  • Alto Flute (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Concert Flute (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Piccolo Flute (Sustained, Staccato)
  • English Horn (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Oboe (Sustained, Staccato)
  • Saxophon Alt (Sustained)
  • Saxophon Bariton (Sustained)
  • Saxophon Sopran (Sustained)
  • Saxophon Tenor (Sustained)
  • Tutti Woodwind Ensemble 9 Player (Sustained, Staccato)