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NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 2 StringsReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisNov 2013

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

The whole world of stringed instruments is all included in this single expansion!

All of the multisamples are performed by talented professional musicians and were recorded using the highest quality equipment.

Discover the heartrending violin ensembles, dramatic violas, epic celli and monstrous double basses in this first class Hollywood2 expansion!


FX Sound

XP Hlw2 Strings75 presets

ARAuto BowSpicc 1
ARAuto BowSpicc 2
ARAuto BowSpicc 3
BADblBass+Celli Tremolo
BADblBass 4Pl Sus MW
BADblBass 4Pl Sus Vel
BADblBass Solo MW
BADblBass Solo Spicc
BADblBass Solo Vel
BADblBass Spiccato
BASuperbass Spicc
FXString Run maj
FXString Run min
PLCello 6Pl Pizzicato
PLCelloVio Harp Concert
PLDblBass 4Pl Pizzicato
PLGiga Pizzicato 4RR
PLTutti Pizzicato All
PLTutti Pizzicato Dark
PLViola 8Pl Pizzicato
PLViolin 12Pl Pizzicato
SQMothershipArrives 130BPM
SQSpicc Tension 1 160BPM
SQSpicc Tension 2 160BPM
SQSpicc Tension 3 100BPM
SQSpicc Tension 4 110BPM
SQSpicc Tension 5 110BPM
SQSpicc Tension 6 120BPM
SQSpicc Tension 7 120BPM
SQSpicc Tension 8 120BPM
STAdagio Strings 1
STAdagio Strings 2
STAdagio Strings 3
STBig Emotion Strings
STCello 6Pl Spiccato
STCello 6Pl Sustain
STCello 6Pl conSordino
STCello Soloist SusVib
STChamber Strings 3.0
STEmotion Strings ppp to FFF
STEpic Bass & Violins
STEpic Cello & Viola
STGiga Spiccato
STGiga Staccato
STMovie Dialog Mix 1
STMovie Dialog Mix 2
STPirate Spicc 1
STPirate Spicc 2
STRich StringsSoft
STSmall String Ensemble
STSoloists Splits
STSynaegian Strings
STTo Hell with Divisi
STTutti ConSordino
STTutti Cresc-Decresc
STTutti Spiccato 1
STTutti Spiccato 2
STTutti Spiccato 2 MW Sus
STTutti Sustains 1
STTutti Sustains 2
STViola 8Pl Spiccato
STViola 8Pl Sustain
STViola 8Pl conSordino
STViola Soloist SusVib
STViolin 12Pl Spiccato
STViolin 12Pl Sustain
STViolin 12Pl conSordino
STViolin Ensemble
STViolin Soloist SusVib
STWarm Mid Strings 1
STWarm Mid Strings 2
STWide Arc Section MW
STWide Lead Violins
SYSynthetic Soloviolin


  • Double Bass 4 Player (Sustained, Spiccato, Pizzicato, Tremolo)
  • Double Bass Soloist (Sustained, Spiccato)
  • Cello 6 Player (Sustained, Spiccator, Pizzicato, Tremolo, ConSordino)
  • Cello Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato)
  • Viola 8 Player (Sustained, Spiccato, Pizzicato, ConSordino)
  • Viola Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato)
  • Violin 12Player (Sustain, Spiccato, Pizzicato, ConSordino)
  • Violin Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato)
  • Tutti String Ensemble (Sustained, Spiccato)
  • Tutti Spiccato Loops