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NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Drums & FXReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisNov 2013

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Epic Drums at your fingertips!

Hollywood2 Drums & FX not only offers a complete set of orchestral percussions, drums and cymbals, but you will also find orchestra effects such as rips and risers, clusters and crescendos.

These effects are essential elements for any trailer or movie production.


FX Sound

XP Hlw2 Drums & FX88 presets

AREpic Tom Loops
ARSynth Bassdrum
ARSynth Sub Tomfire
ATDarkest Knights
BLMysterious Bells
BLTubular Bells 2RR
DLActionloop 1 130BPM
DLActionloop 2 130BPM
DLDesperado 150BPM
DLDramaturgy 120BPM
DLEpic Battle 120BPM
DLExpedition 120BPM
DLFactory Loop 1 110BPM
DLFactory Loop 2 120BPM
DLFurious 120BPM
DLHeavy Loop 120BPM
DLIndustry 120BPM
DLIn the Shadows 120BPM
DLLiveLoops All 110BPM
DLLiveLoops Bs+Sn 110BPM
DLLiveLoops Toms 110BPM
DLMilitary Roll 120BPM
DLMilitary Snare 120BPM
DLOblivion 120BPM
DLRobowars 1 120BPM
DLRobowars 2 120BPM
DLRockdrums 120BPM
DLSkullflag 120BPM
DLSpacemarine 120BPM
DLSynthBuster 120BPM
DLTechnoid 120BPM
DLTemple Run 125BPM
DLThe Hunt 120BPM
DLTimetravel 120BPM
DLWar Cry 110BPM
DLWorld of Sines 120BPM
DRBig Bassdrum1 10vel
DRBig Bassdrum2 10Vel
DRBig Trailer Junkyard
DRConcert BD&Perc 8vel
DRConcert Percs Menu
DRConcert Toms 8Vel 4RR
DRCrash & Gong Crescendo
DRCrash & Gong Hits
DRDeep Boom Menu
DREpic Big Toms 1
DREpic Big Toms 2
DREpic Big Toms 3
DREpic Big Toms 4
DRGiant Temple Gong Menu
DRRolls Menu
DRRoto Toms 8Vel 4RR
DRSnare Concert 8Vel 4RR
DRSnare Military 8Vel 4RR
DRSynthetic Trailer
DRThe Big Drum soft
DRTimpani 4RR 4Vel
DRWind Chimes Menu
FXBionic Man
FXChoir FX Menu
FXFoley SFX Menu 1
FXFoley SFX Menu 2
FXInstrument Abuse 1
FXInstrument Abuse 2
FXLost on the Island
FXRips & Riser Brass
FXRips & Riser Misc
FXRips & Riser Strings
FXRips & Riser Tutti 1
FXRips & Riser Tutti 2
FXWaterphone Menu
MABellaphon 1
MABellaphon 2
MACeleste 1
MACeleste 2
MACeleste 3
MAFantasy Mallets
MAMar Xyl Hybrid
MAMarimba 1
MAMarimba 2
MAVibra Glock Hybrid
MAVibraphone 1
MAVibraphone 2
MAXylophon 1
MAXylophon 2


  • 3 Big Bassdrums (+Rolls)
  • Epic Concert Toms (+Rolls)
  • Roto Toms (+Rolls)
  • Concert Snare Drum & Military Snare Drum (+Rolls)
  • 5 Tom-Timapani (+Rolls)
  • Tubular Bells
  • Small and Hand Percussions / set
  • Concert Crash Cymbals & various Gongs (+Crescendo & Stopped)
  • Wind Chimes
  • Live played Drumloops (Bassdrums, Toms, Timpani, Snares)
  • Choir Effects
  • Instrument Abuse FX
  • Foley SFX
  • Rips & Risers FX (Brass, Strings, Tutti Orch)
  • Waterphone FX
  • Celeste
  • Glockenspiel
  • Marimba
  • Xylophon
  • Vibraphon