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NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood 2 Core LibraryReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisNov 2013

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

The heart and soul of your Hollywood2 experience is here.

This core library delivers a comprehensive selection of vintage synthesized sounds, gigantic tutti orchestra sounds, plus a beautiful concert harp, a massive church organ, an epic choir, plenty of upright and grand pianos, and much more.


Vocal / Choir

XP Hlw2 Core Library129 presets

ARFuturistic Dream
ARHarp Arp Min
ARSon Of Arp Bass
ARSon of Arp
BATrailer E-Bass
GTCollapse Guitar
OCFull Tutti Hits 1 6RR
OCFull Tutti Hits 2 6RR
OCOrch Hit Split Brs
OCOrch Hit Split Stacc
OCOrch Hit Split Sus
OCStrings & Horns 1
OCStrings & Horns 2
OCTutti Menu
OCTutti Orchestra MW
OCTutti Orchestra PP-FF
OCTutti Staccatissimo
OCTutti Staccato 60Pl
OCTutti Staccato 80Pl
OCTutti Sustains 60Pl
OCTutti Sustains 80Pl
ORChurch Organ Full1
ORChurch Organ Full2
ORChurch Organ FullReg
ORChurch Organ Med1
ORChurch Organ Med2
ORChurch Organ Simple
ORChurch Organ Tutti
ORMedieval Chamade
OROrgan Clarinet
PLConcert Harp
PLConcert Harp Arp&Gliss
PLFantasy Layer
PLLyra Big Harp
PNFuneral 1
PNFuneral 2
PNGrandfathers Piano
PNGrandfathers Piano Dmp
PNGrandfathers Piano Low
PNHollywood Grand 1
PNHollywood Grand 2
PNHollywood Grand 3
PNKawai Upright K3
PNKawai Upright K3 Dmp
PNPropane Piano
PNSteinway D Grand
PNSteinway D Var1
PNSteinway D Var2
PNSteinway Hall
SQBella Vista 100BPM
SQCello Rock 120BPM
SQDark Templar 120BPM
SQDesperado 150BPM
SQDisc War 120BPM
SQDramaturgy 120BPM
SQEpic Battle 100BPM
SQEvacuate 160BPM
SQEvolution 120BPM
SQExpedition 100BPM
SQFabri-Motion 100BPM
SQFanfare 140BPM
SQFurious 100BPM
SQHangar Deck1 115BPM
SQHangar Deck2 115BPM
SQHeavy Blocks 120BPM
SQIndustry 110BPM
SQIn the Shadows 120BPM
SQLast Avenger 120BPM
SQMystica 1 115BPM
SQMystica 1Spicc 115BPM
SQMystica 2 120BPM
SQOaktschn Fuim 120BPM
SQOblivion 120BPM
SQOctave+Suspense 110BPM
SQOuter Rim 110BPM
SQRobowars 1 120BPM
SQRobowars 2 110BPM
SQRobowars 2 Gate
SQSkullflag 140BPM
SQSpace Marine 120BPM
SQSpiccellator 125BPM
SQSynth BBuster 1 100B
SQSynth BBuster 2 110B
SQSynth BBuster 3 100B
SQTechnoid 120BPM
SQThe Hunt 120BPM
SQTimetraveller 110BPM
SQTrapabass Split
SQTronic-Epicness 115BPM
SQWar Cry 110BPM
SQWorld Of Sines 1
SQWorld Of Sines 2
SQWorld Of Sines 3
SQWorld Of Sines 4
SQWorld Of Sines 5
SQWorld Of Sines 6
SQWorld Of Sines 7
SQWorld Of Sines 8
STBig String LD Split
STChamber Strings 2.0
STDark Celli Concert
SYOrch Chord
SYRole Playing Game
SYTrailer Drone 1
SYTrailer Drone 2
SYTrailer Drone 3
SYTrailer Drone 4
SYTrailer Drone 5
TGDaybreaker 90BPM
VOAngels Sing
VOBattleground Split
VOBoys Choir
VOChoir & Strings from Hell
VOFrankfurtChoir 1 Ah
VOFrankfurtChoir 1 Oh
VOFrankfurtChoir 2 Ah
VOGigantic Choir
VOSopranist Solo
VOStrings and Choir
WWDblBass + WW Split


  • E-Bass Guitar
  • Tutti Orchestra 70 Player (Sustained, Staccato, Orch Hits, Crescendo)
  • Huge Church Pipe Organ (Sustained, 8 different register colors!)
  • Concert Harp (Plucked, Arpeggios & Glissandi)
  • Old Yamaha Piano
  • Kawai Upright K6 Piano
  • Steinway D Grand Piano
  • Choir Small 50 Singer (Ah)
  • Choir Big 80 Singer (Ah, Oh)
  • Sopranist solo
  • Various vintage synthesizers, like Moog, Prophet V, Oberheim etc.