NEXUS2 Expansion: Hip HopHip Hop / TrapStephan EndemannDec 2012

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Yo! Lookin' for phat hip-hop beats that make the booties shake? You want synth RnB pianos, basslines, pads that sound so real you'd think they just got jacked from the music shop? Inspiration for arpeggios that will help you create the ultimate dolla-dolla bill hit single? Drums? FX? It's all in tha hizzy!


FX Sound

XP Hip Hop128 presets

ARBass Bros
ARChord Lover
ARDr. Chords
ARFunky Bunch
ARKick Melody
ARLovely Guitarsynth
ARNasty Groove
AROriental Lick
ARPan Cake
ARPitchy Sine
ARRagga Melokick
ARRave Boy
ARRobo Chord
ARSay Yeah
ARSteel Drama
ARTalking Sequencer
ARTrashy Keys
BABig Acoustic
BACan U Handle Me
BACandy Crunch
BAHard Night Jazzer
BAHard Rhymes
BANasty Bass
BAPiano Evolution
BARack Bass
DRAll Hiphop Drums
DRDrone Kick
FXAlien Landing 1 Bar
FXBeam Me Down 1 Bar
FXBeam Me Up 1 Bar
FXFly Away
FXSnareroll Up
FXSnareshots Up
FXSpaceship Takeoff
FXSparkle Off
FXWind Down
FXWind Up
GTRoute 66 Vel&Mod
LDAtlantic Scape
LDBel Air Lead
LDDiamond Bell
LDHammer Moog
LDHazard Lead
LDMajor Minor Mod
LDMinor Major Mod
LDNo Cash
LDOldskool Hiphop
LDOldskool Sine
LDOriental Fantasy
LDPuffy Rhodes Synth
LDSecret Saw
LDSecret Sine
LDSilky Milk
LDSteel Drummer 1
LDSteel Drummer 2
LDTower Bell
LDVinyl Brass
LDVoice of Vinyl
LDYeah Lead 1
LDYeah Lead 2
ORRhody Organ
PDOld Synth Pad
PDPerfect P@d
PDSpace Brass
PDString & Synth
PNGrand Rhodes
PNHeavyweight Rhodes
PNSpace Rhodes
PNViolet Rhodes
SQBass Knocker 98 BPM
SQBattletime 140 BPM
SQBhangra MC 100 BPM
SQBig Ben Beat 128 BPM
SQBig Console 95 BPM
SQBillboard One 98 BPM
SQBlack Car Beat 88BPM
SQBlack Ragg 90 BPM
SQBling Beat 95 BPM
SQBro Hop 80 BPM
SQBroken Heart 85BPM
SQCantstop 70 BPM
SQChill Freak 82 BPM
SQClub Bounce 105BPM
SQCrank Me 95 BPM
SQDrama 95 BPM
SQDrop Like 80s 106
SQDubby Hop 78 BPM
SQEasy Lyricist 96BPM
SQElectr'i'City 78 BPM
SQEurodance 128 BPM
SQFall in Luv 92 BPM
SQFolks 95 BPM
SQIce Beat 82 BPM
SQPanjabi 92 BPM
SQPartytime 108 BPM
SQPatwa 98 BPM
SQPencil Beat 95 BPM
SQPusher 110 BPM
SQRack Beat 98 BPM
SQRagga Dub 85 BPM
SQRhymewars 160 BPM
SQSchool is Out 95 BPM
SQShuffler 102 BPM
SQStreet Blaster 88BPM
SQSwag'a'Bag 90 BPM
SQThe Big Guy 78 BPM
SQU Drunk 110 BPM
SQUS Dance 124 BPM
SQU work it 90 BPM
STLead Strings 1
STLead Strings 2
SYCar Graveyard
SYFashion Synth 1
SYFashion Synth 2
SYPiano Fish