NEXUS Expansion: GuitarsReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisMar 2008

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

From overdriven walls of sound to crystalline nylon tones, Guitar is your one-stop shop for six-string bliss.


FX Sound

XP Guitars134 presets

ARRaging Fist
ARTremolo Backing
ARWashburn Riffs SQ
BAChugged Bass
BADeep n Low Guitar
BAE-Bass 1
BAE-Bass 2
BAE-Bass 3
BAE-Bass 4
BAE-Bass 5
BAE-Bass Crushed
BAFat Acoustic
BAFret Bass 1
BAFret Bass 2
BAFret Bass 3
BAFret Bass 4
BAPickbass 1
BAPickbass 2
BAPickbass 3
BAPickbass 4
BAPickbass 5
BASlap Bass 1
BASlap Bass 2
BASlap Bass 3
BASlap Bass 4
BASlap Bass 5
BASlap Bass Monster
DRDemo Drums Menu
FXFunky Hit
FXGhost Chuggs
FXGuitar Benders mw
FXGuitar FX Kit
FXMicro Syn Stomper
GTAmiga Chords
GTBallad 12String
GTBig 12String 1
GTBig 12String 2
GTBig 12String 3
GTBig Western Guitar
GTChillin Bob
GTClean Chorus
GTClean ClassA Chorus
GTClean Full Class A
GTElectricNylon Mix 1
GTElectricNylon Mix 2
GTElectricNylon Mix 3
GTFM Guitar 1
GTFM Guitar 2
GTFM Guitar 3
GTFM Guitar 4
GTFM Guitar All
GTFunky Chorus
GTFunky Wha Guitar
GTGrunge Chords Open
GTGrunge Lead
GTGrunge Mix
GTHarmonics 1
GTHarmonics 2
GTJazz Guit Big Octa
GTJazz Guitar 1
GTJazz Guitar 2
GTJazz Guitar 3
GTJazz Guitar Thin
GTLead Guitar 1
GTLead Guitar 2
GTLead Guitar 3
GTLead Guitar 4
GTLead Guitar 5
GTLead Guitar 6
GTLyrical 12 String
GTMassive Riffs
GTMonster Open
GTMonster Stopped
GTMuted Clean 1
GTMuted Clean 2
GTMuted Guitar Oct
GTNylon Big Ballad
GTNylon Big Bend
GTNylon Clean 1
GTNylon Clean 2
GTNylon Clean 3
GTNylon Double
GTNylon Flamenco
GTNylon Guitar Chorus
GTNylon Guitar Clean
GTNylon Guitar Fuzzy
GTNylon Guitar Soft 1
GTNylon Guitar Soft 2
GTNylon Guitar Soft 3
GTNylon Spanish
GTNylon Wide LD
GTOctaved E Guitar
GTPhantasy One
GTPower - Riff
GTSitar 1
GTSitar 2
GTSitar 3
GTSolid Chugs
GTSteel Chorus
GTSteel Clean
GTSteel Fuzzy
GTThe Traveller
GTTrancers Choice
GTTremolo Guitar
GTWashburn Riffs
GTWashburn Riffs Wide
SQBand-Pass Split
SQCampfire 1
SQCampfire 2
SQCampfire 3
SQCold Funk Split
SQFull Strummings
SQGuitar Background
SQHit E2 And MW
SQIn the Woods
SQMy Modjo
SQRock Band
SQRock Band DR
SQRock Band GT
SQTelephone Rocker
SQWoody Strum
SY7City 1
SY7City 2
SY7City 3
SY7City 4
TGChopped Slices X
TGGuitar Hero