NEXUS2 Expansion: FM 2Synths / RetroPaul-A. KabatAug 2016

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Catch the new wave of FM synthesis, which is back from the '80s and hipper than ever!

Whether you're making futuristic House music or Synth Pop, the FM 2 expansion pack will deliver both totally unique and nostalgic sounds that cut through the mix and add a touch of brilliance. Get ready to go back to the future with 129 crystal bells and pianos, sharp leads, thumping basses, and silky pads!


FX Sound

XP FM 2129 presets

ARAround Depeche
ARFalling to Zero
ARModulare FM
ARSample & Hold
ARSledge Hammers
ATBells on Sea
ATBreeze DX
ATClear Glases
ATGhost on Plane
ATHorror Identity
ATImagine Science
ATJust Fictions
ATMachines Talking
ATNoises of Tomorrow
ATNordside Wind
ATStrange Noises
BAAdequacy Ground
BAAmplificated Bass
BABad Corsair
BABeverly Bass
BADeep Jazz
BADigital Contrabass
BADigital Sinus
BAEarly 90s Bass
BAFull Battery
BANew Airbase
BAOpen Me Up
BAOperator Target
BAPhysical Contrabass
BAReal FM-Bass 1
BAReal FM-Bass 2
BARide on a Star
BARisk of Shock
BASonar Aero
BATwin Peaked
BATypical FM
BLHigh in the Sky
BLMetal Tubes
BLSteel Bottles
BLWindow to Heaven
DRDemo Drums Menu
DRDigital Set 1
DRDigital Set 2
DRDigital Set 3
DRDigital Set 4
FXLong FX-Pad
FXLot of Pencils
FXRave Chord 90
FXSteel Monsters
FXUnderworld Aliens
FXVirtual DX Noise
GTLiked FM-Guitar
LDBetween the Machines
LDCompressed Stones
LDDigi Trumpet
LDEquilibrated DX Lead
LDFight for Love
LDFurious Angel
LDJupiter Returns
LDLife of Borg
LDOrbital Station
LDPhase Distro
LDPlastique Basslead
LDRanged Portalead
LDRave Piano
LDScience Frequency
LDShaped DX Piano
LDSouth Indian Pan
LDStaccato Smoke
LDThru the Bow
LDTrashy DX-Basslead
LDTugging Frequency
LDUnknow Numbers
LDVintage CS-Lead
LDWhite Lantern
LDWild FM-Chorus
LDWind in the Box
LDWithout You
PDAbstain Process
PDAdicted Monks
PDAfternoon Pad
PDAfter the Time
PDBalanced Waves
PDComputer Church
PDDee-X Strings
PDJarre 1 Finger Chor
PDLast Human
PDLightspeed Pad
PDLong Journey
PDMechanic Scream
PDModulator X
PDPhysical Moment
PDPower Finger Pad
PDShacking Glases
PDSubmerged Pad
PDSun in your Face
PDThriller Movie
PDTour de France
PDWake up the Robots
PLSequenced Plug
PNCold Piano
PNConcert DX
PNDigital Klavier
PNFreqMod Piano
PNGrand Fiction
PNGreat Wurli
PNHard Stone Piano
PNModeling Piano
PNRhodes One
PNWhite Keys
PNYesterday Piano
SQBeat it Now
SQOne Fingered Melo
SQRunning Apps
SQStudio Four
SQThe Club 70s
SQZero Points
SYJump Chord DX
SYLiving DX-Lead
SYOperated to Bass
SYScience Trombone
VOEnya Chords
VOEverlasting Cars