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Dark Planet

Dark Planet

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Compatible withN2N3

The new expansion from "Rauschwerk" leads you to the dark side... This includes the finest electro-sounds, sometimes dirty and industrial, but also beautiful and atmospheric.

Looking for interesting sounds away from the mainstream? This is the perfect collection.


XP Dark Planet 128 presets

AR16-bit Dance Floor
ARModern Sequency
ATBroken Voltage
ATShort Atmos
BA8-bit Waves
BAAgressive Dogs
BAAnalog Sync Bass
BABass of the 80's
BABlondie Bass
BABrite Bass
BACrunched Lines
BADrifted Left
BADry Bass
BAEuropean Bass
BAGray Faces
BAKorg Reso-Bass
BALaser Bass
BALong Ago Splited
BAModular Worx
BANacked Bass
BANative Noise
BAOld Goods
BAOne Procent
BAPlastic Man 2
BASecond Mirror
BAStone Bass
BAThe Way of Moog
BAVirtual Knives
DRAnalog Clean Set
DRGlobal Dirty Set
DRSelect BD+SN
DRSelect HH
FXAnalog Defects
FXComputer Talk
FXDancing Drops
FXDigital Waterfall
FXDonner Bass
FXModular Birds
LDBig Audience Chord 1
LDBig Audience Chord 2
LDBrite Lead
LDChrome Rottors
LDClass Power
LDDetuned Leads
LDDigital Code
LDDirty Noise
LDDisco Chord
LDDisco Plug
LDElectric Dance Piano
LDFloor Chord
LDFrozen Water
LDFuture Pipes
LDGreat Lines
LDJust Wavetabled
LDModular Guitars
LDOne Dirty Voice
LDPlus and Minus
LDPretty Woman
LDPrototype II
LDPump That Body
LDRed Digits
LDSequenced Lead
LDStrong Detuned
LDSynth Power Plug
LDT-Land Horn
LDTresh and Scruffy
LDVintage Lead
LDWalking Machines
LDWet Winds
LDWhite Pencil
LDYellow Sworn
PDCelular Dreams
PDDark Planets
PDDeep Ocean
PDDrink Glases
PDEmulator Strings
PDEnigma Stories
PDGreen Bay
PDHigh and Low
PDHot Nights
PDLong Frequencies
PDLong Grases
PDMobile Electro
PDMovie Island
PDNice Feelings
PDNoisy Heaven
PDOld Carpet
PDOrange Flows
PDPixel Worlds
PDPocket Melodies
PDRetro Pads
PDSecret Modeling
PDSun Walking
PDThin Glass
PDThree Winds
PDTwo Gardens
PDVintage Strings
PDYellow Papers
PDZero Control
SQAmount Slots
SQBirds of Pray
SQBlack Horse
SQDepeche Sequence
SQGerman ARP
SQGroove Toys
SQIndustrial Bells
SQOverdriven FM
SQPraxis Times
SQRolling Cubes
SQStone on Stone
SQTwo Clones
SQWild Machines
VODark Planet
VOFuture Universe
VOMusic Activity