NEXUS2 Expansion: Dance OrchestraReal InstrumentsManuel SchleisDec 2006

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Thought you had to be a film producer to have access to epic, authentic orchestral sounds? Think again. Our Dance Orchestra expansion puts the lilting strings, triumphant brass, and angelic choirs of the symphony hall right at your fingertips.



XP Dance Orchestra129 presets

ARDiva Stakk Solo
BLHighbell Flutes 1
BLHighbell Flutes 2
BLHighbells Solo
BLTubular Bells 1
BLTubular Bells 2
BLTubular Bells 3
BRBrass Ensemble
BRBrass Softpad
BRBrass Stakkato 1
BRBrass Stakkato 2
BRDark Horns 1
BRDark Horns 2
BRDetuned Brass
BRGolden Horns
BRHorns Soft
BRJurassic Brass
BRSplit Cello Horns
BRTrumpet Lead 1
BRTrumpet Lead 2
BRVictory Brass
CLChurch Ensemble
CLEastern Vibes
CLHarspichord And Harp
CLHarspichord Grand
CLHighbell Orchestra 1
CLHighbell Orchestra 2
CLOrchestra Full 1
CLOrchestra Full 2
CLOrchestra Soft
CLStereo Layers 1
CLStereo Layers 2
DLMarch Drums
DLTension TimpaniSeq
DLTimpani Roll 1
DLTimpani Roll 2
DRDemo Drums Menu
DRImperial March
DROrchestra Drums
DRReverse Cymbal
DRTimpani Hit
DRTimpani Pitch
FXPulsating Brass
GTClassic Rock
GTConcert Guitar
GTConcert Guitar Solo
GTGuitar Strum Maj
GTGuitar Strum Min
GTOverdrive Guitar 1
GTOverdrive Guitar 2
GTSplit Strings Eguitar
ORPipe Organ 1
ORPipe Organ 2
ORPipe Organ 3
ORPipe Organ 4
PLHarp And Violins 1
PLHarp And Violins 2
PLHarp Concert
PLHarp Gliss 1
PLHarp Strum Maj
PLHarp Strum Min
PLOrchestra Hit
PLPizzicato Bass
PLTutti Hit 1
PLTutti Hit 2
PLTutti Hit 3
PNA Piano Concert
PNPiano And Harspi
PNPiano And Violins
PNPiano Soft
SQDiva Stakk
SQHarp Gliss 2
SQMetal Artwork
SQOne Key Tension 1
SQOne Key Tension 2
SQOne Key Tension 3
SQOrchestra Arp 1
SQOrchestra Arp 2
SQOrchestra Arp 3
SQPulsating Guitar
SQRock The Halls
SQString Theory 1
SQString Theory 2
SQTime Is Running Out
STCello Section 1
STCello Section 2
STDrama Strings 1
STDrama Strings 2
STDrama Strings 3
STHarp And Strings
STSplit Horns Strings
STString Slapback
STStrings And Chimes
STStrings Mellow 1
STStrings Mellow 2
STStrings Old Lofi
STStrings Slow Swell
STStrings Soft
STViolin Group
STViolin Solo 1
STViolin Solo 2
STViolin Solo 3
SYSynth Stringpad 1
SYSynth Stringpad 2
SYSynth Stringpad 3
SYSynthesized Strings
TGGated Ensemble 1
TGGated Ensemble 2
VOChoir And Strings
VOClassical Choir 1
VOClassical Choir 2
VOSingin Diva
WWBassoon Solo
WWClarinet Solo
WWFlute Ensemble
WWFlute Highland
WWFlute Natives
WWFlute Pan
WWFlute Piccolo
WWFlute Solo
WWOboe Solo
WWThe Morning Rised
WWWoodwinds Layer 1
WWWoodwinds Layer 2
WWWoodwinds Layer 3
WWWoodwinds Layer 4