NEXUS2 Expansion: Classic TranceTrance / New AgeMartin WilkinsonDec 2010

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

We've captured that unmistakable circa-2000 trance sound with Classic Trance: 128 presets including lush saw leads, detuned arps, and blissed-out pads. Breathtaking.


FX Sound

XP Classic Trance133 presets

ARArp Meets Piano Gate
ARLush Trance Arp
ARParty Plucker
ARPhased Reality
ARPiano Mania
BABass Plucker
BAClassic Trance Bass
BADelayed Bass
BADriving Bass
BADriving Bass 2
BAHard Bass
BAHard Bass 2
BAHardcastle 19
BAMega Bass
BARon Van Den B Bass
BAShow Me A Sine
BASquare Sub Bass
BATrance Bass
FXBad Weather
FXCalling Mother Ship
FXCrazy Space Catz
FXDaJaVu Lazer
FXDistant Lazer
FXDistant Scan
FXForbiden Planet
FXHell Raiser
FXLazer Blitz
FXLazer Fire
FXLost At Sea
FXLost At Sea Thunder
FXPacmen War
FXScanning 4 The Enemy
FXSci Fi
FXSpace Ship Console
FXSpace Ship Error
FXTense Nervous
FXThe X Files
FXThey Are Coming!
FXThunder Storm
LDAlice In DJ Land
LDBasic Leader
LDBleeping Leader
LDClassic Trance Lead
LDDrifting Away
LDElectric Buzz Spike
LDFrog In Throat
LDGritty Trance
LDHard Flanger Trance
LDHartmann Trance
LDHuge Trance
LDMassive Euphoria
LDMega Super Saw
LDMr Big Trance
LDOn This Day
LDOrgan Doner
LDPhasing Doppler eFX
LDProfessional Trancer
LDProgressive Leader
LDSensation Trance 1
LDSensation Trance 2
LDSpecial Lush Lead
LDStrange Sensation
LDStutter 4 Arps
LDSuper Virus Trance
LDThe Legacy
LDTrance Lead 4 Arps
LDTrance Party
LDUltimate Force
LDUplifting Chords
LDUplifting Power
LDVincent De Moor
PDBig Air Trance
PDBig Gouryella Pad
PDBig Gouryella Pad 2
PDBig Gouryella Pad 3
PDCall Of The Whales
PDDark Trance
PDFloating Arp
PDGates Of Dromeda
PDHorizon Pad
PDJP8000 Super Pad
PDJP8000 Super Pad 2
PDJarre Pad
PDLand Of Euphoria
PDLush Cream Trance
PDLush Sweeping Space
PDMassive Gouryella
PDMassive Orchestra
PDMellow Chillout Tnc
PDMoody Trance
PDOrchestra Blast
PDReso Pad
PDReso Pad 2
PDSearing Orchestra
PDStutter LFO Pad
PDSuper Lush
PDSuper Power Pad
PDSweeping Space
PDThe Big F Pad
PDThe Big F Pad 2
PDTrance Pad V Strings
PDTrance Stringz
PDUnderwater 2
PDUplifting Choir
PDUplifting Choir 2
PL4 Layer Pluck
PLEuphoric Pluck
PLLike A Guitar Pluck
PLNice Plucker
PLTocas Miricale
PNClassic Trance Piano
PNSpecial Trance Piano
PNUplifting Piano
STEpic Trance String
STGigantic Orchestra
STPhased Galaxy
STSuper Bright Strings
STTwinkle Strings
STVenga String 1
STVenga String 2
STVenga String 3
SYBigger Bells
TGEuphoric Gater
TGMassive Phaser
TGMega Lush Gater
TGPiano Vs Gated Lead