NEXUS2 Expansion: Classic DanceDance / HardstylePaul-A. KabatFeb 2017

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Only compatible withN2N3N4

Take a trip down memory lane to the good ol' days, when club music had melodies and soul!

With 140 presets of classic dance sounds, you can put a touch of '80s, '90s or early 2000s hype into any modern production — or produce a party jam like it's 1999!

The Classic Dance expansion pack has everything you need to spice up your tracks, whether you want to get down on it or get low.


FX Sound

XP Classic Dance140 presets

ARDance Jumper
ARElectric Razor
ARFollow the Birds
ARKoto Background
ARMike is back
ARPink Zebra
ARSystem Request
ARTime Bassrunner
ARTribal Core
ARVintage Italo Arp
ARVirtual Collisions
ARWhite Snow
ATAero Dreaming
ATColors of Sun
ATCool Nightflow
ATDark Blows
ATLost Canyon
ATRed Eyes at Night
ATRun Away from Here
BABounce Bass 1
BABounce Bass 2
BABounce Bass 3
BAClassic Bass
BACrush Bytes
BADarktown Grooving
BADigital Side
BAEighties Analog
BAEmulator LoFi
BAFire Overthere
BAFrom Hell Bass
BAFunky Synth Jumps
BAGreen Fluid
BAJuno-60 Eighties
BAJupiter 9
BALet me Dance
BALimited AN-Bass
BAMassive Attack
BARezoBass of SH-5
BASimply Raw Bass
BAStrong SH-Tune
BAVoyage Bass
BAWorksynth Bass
BRItalo Brass
CHDetuned Piano
DRBest of 606 2 Kits
DRDance Power Menu
DRDemo Drums Menu
DRDigital Set
DRItalo Set 1
DRItalo Set 2
DRItalo Set 3
DRItalo Synth Toms
DRMachine 909 4 Kits
DRPowerful 707 Set
FXHalled Noises
FXHalled Punches
FXIntro Reverse 1
FXIntro Reverse 2
FXIntro Reverse 3
FXLaser 1
FXLaser 2
FXLaser 3
FXRobot Set
FXSID Collection
FXSteel Water
FXVinyl Noises
GTBright Piano Guitar
GTLoFi Guitars
GTMetall Distro
GTRoad Guitars
GTSlayer Solo Guitar
LDBass Trigger
LDCarpenter's Movie
LDDirty Oscilators
LDDream Saw
LDEuro Buzz
LDHeat of the Night
LDItalo Chord 1
LDItalo Chord 2
LDItalo Lead
LDJapan Revange
LDJust Arcade
LDKewl And Phat 1
LDKewl And Phat 2
LDKewl And Phat 3
LDLaserdance Lead
LDLot of Squares
LDOB-8 Lead
LDOld Saw Synth
LDPiano Amplified
LDRetro Times
LDSpheral Waves
LDStrong Wave
LDUltra Saw
LDZero Playtime
PDDark Faces
PDDeath or Life
PDDream on Stage
PDEndzeit Strings
PDFlying Dogs
PDItalo Old Strings
PDLoFi Chord
PDLot of Carpets
PDLow Deep Lead
PDNew Prometheus
PDPictures of Sun
PDPluged Strings
PDSaw Phaser Pad
PDTimeless Arts
PLOmega Phase
PLSecond Way
PNCrystal Bell Piano
SQ80s Italo Times 1
SQ80s Italo Times 2
SQBorn on the Video
SQBreakdance Time
SQDaft Rock
SQEighties Seq
SQFour 2 Four
SQLaser Dancing
SQLove Spy
SYNight Spirit
TGHeavens Gate
VODisco Dance
VOHuman Chor
VOLets Begin
VOMusic from Space
WWIndian Pan 1
WWIndian Pan 2
WWIndian Pan 3