NEXUS4 Expansion: Bigtone Signature 4Signature / ArtistBigtoneAug 2022

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Only compatible withN4


Looking for some big tones that sound rich and complex? Look no further.

Created by master sound designer Nico Herz, Bigtone Signature 4 is more evolved and stunning than ever before.

If you're looking for unique pads, leads, basses, effects, and other sounds that stand out from the crowd, this one is for you!


FX Sound

XP Bigtone Signature 4129 presets

ARAnalog Chirp
ARBerlin Back Then
ARBusy Flexer
ARCatch It
ARChord Sines
ARDouble Paths
ARDouble Visions
AREBM Nailer
ARFlexed Noiser
ARFluffy Butterflies
ARHeavenly Dancer
ARJet Bass Polyrhythmic
ARKinda Fluffy
ARMorph Chord
ARObsessed With 303
AROn Occasions
ARPolyrhythmic Chords
ARProud Berlin
ARProud Vince
ARRandom Smacker
ARSnappy Glider
ARSnappy Wonderland
ARSpectral Iterations
ARSpiky Spiker
ARSplatter Arp
ARSquared Analog
ARSquelch (hold chord)
ARWet Splatter Arp
AT90s Memories
ATAnalog Sine Cluster
ATArgon Stack
ATBroken Dreams
ATDrowned Images
ATEarendils Light
ATEpsilon Eridani
ATFlex Drips
ATHillage Spirals
ATHold Chord
ATSaturn Winds
ATThe Miracle
ATWet Figure (play chord)
BAAccent Impact
BADirty Wheelz
BADyna Thumper
BAFuture Retro Stack
BAJumper Bass Seq
BAKinda Gnarly
BAKnock or Pluck
BAMidnight Star
BANE 303
BAOldshool Electro Shmurgler
BAOne Fingered Bass Seq
BASequence Me
BLEastern PATh
BLTreasure Cave
CH90s Tech Stack
CHChord Come'n Go
CHNoise Stack
DLInside Voices Groove
DLZapper Groove
DRDemo Drums 01
DRDemo Drums 02
DRFX Crash
FXAks Glitter
FXDeformed Stepper
FXFlanged Falls
FXFlexi Falls (pb+vel)
FXGlitter Fall
FXKinda Thundery
FXMetallic Bits
FXOne Shot Shiver
FXSaturated Sweeper
FXStep Modder
FXStrange Dive
FXThe Look Up
FXVcs 3 Blip FX
FXVcs Blips Oneshot
FXVersatile Noise Sweep
FXVintage Times
LDCheesy 70s
LDCreepy Decays
LDDynamic Peruan Flute
LDMagic Analog Whiner
LDNoisy Dancer
LDPlucky Harlequin
LDReso Creeps
LDStutter Chiffer
LDWhacky Whiner
PD7th Resonant Warbler
PD70s Galore
PDAncient Spaces
PDApnoe Diving
PDCalm Sweep
PDDeep Blue
PDGaspy Stones
PDHollow Blips
PDLiquid Images
PDMassive Synth Choir
PDMassive Wheelz
PDOffshore Glowflies
PDPulser Pad
PDSaturated Fluctuations
PDStar Sparkles
PDVangelis Analog Choir
PDWarble Pad
PDWobble Pad
PLNeedle Slapper
PLSpiky Allrounder
PNPhysical Modelled Rhodes
SQKinda 303ish
SQSolid Morph (play chords)
SQTetsuo Figure
SQThroaty Seq
SYAkward Pizz
SYDecimated Stack
SYDriven Squelch Pluck
SYLiquid Sines
SYShivering Bells
SYStep Swirl
SY[Im]Pulse Response
TGSplatter Gater