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Compatible withN2N3N4

The 'Après-Ski' let's party expansion covers the best of Apres-Ski season in the winter to the hottest summer beats at the Ballermann beach. Covering Pop to Folk, Polka to Discofox, the 128 presets give 100% atmosphere, 100% Nexus!

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XP Apres-ski 141 presets

ARA Wolf Mute
AREasy Mute
ARFox Chord
ARHit Lead
ARHitparade Bass
ARMaria Chords
ARMarmor Guitar
ARMorning Mover
ARNight Flight
AROffbeat Mallorca
AROrch Hit 1
AROrch Hit 2
AROrch Hit 3
AROrch Hit 4
ARPlay 2 Bells
ARSlide Guitar
ARVocal Reply
ARWalll Arpeggio
BAAnalog Bass 1
BAAnalog Bass 2
BAAnalog Bass 3
BAAnalog Bass 4
BADisco Bass
BAE-Bass Alive
BAE-Bass Heavy
BAE-Bass Solid
BAE-Bass Voltage
BAOrgan Bass 1
BAOrgan Bass 2
BR2gether Trumpet
BRAlp Sax
BRAlpine Ensemble
BRBig Tuba
BRBrass Ensemble
BRDirty Synth Sax
BRFolk Clarinet
BRSolo Trumpet
DRAll Drums 1
DRAll Drums 2
DRSimon's Toms 1
DRSimon's Toms 2
FXNoiz Downlifter 2 Bars
FXNoiz Downlifter 3 Bars
FXNoiz Uplifter 1 Bar
FXNoiz Uplifter 2 Bars
FXTonal Uplifter 1 Bar
FXTonal Uplifter 2 Bars
GTChord Player
GTHoelle Keyrange
GTHoelle Velocity
GTMelodic Mute Clean
GTStrat Melody
GTSunny Guitar
GTTele Lead
LDAkkordeon 1
LDAkkordeon 2
LDAkkordeon 3
LDAkkordeon Pad
LDAlpine Bell 1
LDAlpine Bell 2
LDAlpine Bell 3
LDAlpine Bell 4
LDAlpine Bell 5
LDAlpine Bell 6
LDAlpine Bell 7
LDAlpine Bell 8
LDBallermann Lead 1
LDBallermann Lead 2
LDBallermann Lead 3
LDBallermann Lead 4
LDBallermann Lead 5
LDBallermann Lead 6
LDBallermann Lead 7
LDBallermann Lead 8
LDDJ Dome Chords
LDDance Movers
LDDance Up
LDHome Recorder
LDPower Pan
ORAlp Organ
ORSchlager Organ
PDAlp Strings
PDFar Away Pad
PDFull Carrier
PDGlass Pad
PDGlitter Pad
PDMountain Top Strings
PDString Machine
PDVocal Love Pad
PNLead Piano 1
PNLead Piano 2
PNLead Piano 3
PNLead Piano 4
PNLead Piano 5
PNLive Wurli
PNPiano String
PNSnow Piano
PNVoice Piano
PNWorld Of DX
SQ8-Beat 126BPM
SQAccordeon Man 126BPM
SQBallermann Hits 140BPM
SQBeautiful Beat 123BPM
SQCartoon Church Split
SQDJ Lovers 136BPM
SQDance Composer 132BPM
SQFox Floor 130BPM
SQGlitter Synths
SQHeart and Soul 120BPM
SQInternational 132BPM
SQItalo Disco 80s 120BPM
SQLive Disco 126BPM
SQParty Draws 130BPM
SQPartytime! 130BPM
SQPop Hit 132BPM
SQRadio Rock 124BPM
SQSnowflakes 118BPM
SQSunday Garden 110BPM
SQTuba Dance 125BPM
SQWalzer 160BPM
SYAnalog Chorder
SYCasio Bell
SYShiny Bell 1
SYShiny Bell 2
SYShiny Bell 3
SYShiny Bell 4
SYVintage 80s
SYWinter Dreams
TGPanorama Piano
TGTalk With Me
TGVocal Dimension
TGVocal Piano
VOHuuman Choir

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AuthorStephan Endemann
ReleaseDecember 2011
GenrePop / Charts