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reFX Cloud

Installing and managing your reFX products is now a simple process with the reFX Cloud App.

With reFX Cloud you can easily manage all your available products, edit the content installation location, automatically download any new updates, and check the integrity of files for troubleshooting and automatic fixes.

reFX Cloud handles all your licenses for you. There is no need to download and import individual licenses or master key files. All you need to do is decide which products to install by clicking on the icons.

First Steps

First Installation of NEXUS2

The software you've purchased uses the USB-eLicenser. To download your license:

1) Visit the eLicenser website.

2) Download and install the latest version of the 'eLicenser Control Center'.

3) Plug your USB-eLicenser into your computer.

4) Go to your 'Downloads' page, and copy your activation code (the code beginning with '0240').

5) Start the eLicenser Control Center.

6) Click on the large green 'Enter Activation Code' button.

7) Paste in your activation code, click 'continue', and follow the on-screen prompts.

8) Note your USB eLicenser's 5 - 7 digit serial number. On your profile page, enter your serial number in the 'eLicenser(s)' field and click 'update'.

Once this is done, you are good to move on to using the reFX Cloud app.

Re-installing NEXUS2

Any subsequent installation of NEXUS2 does not require the steps listed above as your NEXUS2 license is stored on your USB-eLicenser already.

You only need to install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center and make sure the USB-eLicenser containing your NEXUS2 license is plugged into your computer.

Once this is done, you are good to move on to using the reFX Cloud app.

Installing reFX Cloud

To install NEXUS2 and any expansions you need to first download and install the reFX Cloud app.

First, log in with your details and visit the 'Downloads' page of your account.

Download the reFX Cloud app and install it to your computer.

Once installed, launch reFX Cloud and you are prompted for your reFX account details. Enter your account email and password to connect to your account.

Once you have logged in, you see the products you have available for installation:


Configuring reFX Cloud Settings and Installation Paths

Before starting the installation of your content, you must first set the path where you want the large library of NEXUS2 content to be installed. This should be a location that has a suitable amount of space available for the libraries. Keep in mind that to install all available NEXUS2 libraries requires 150+ GB of HDD space.

Open the settings menu using the "gear" icon at the top of the window:


The screen now flips to the settings tab:


Network: You can set the appropriate speed profile for your internet connection here. Reduce it if you wish to limit the amount of bandwidth available to the reFX Cloud app. If unsure, just leave as default.

Library Folder: Set where you want the library content to be installed. This can be any available drive (including external hard drives) with enough space for the required libraries.

Options: Enable (blue toggle) and disable (gray toggle) system notifications, silent product installations (without displaying each installer), and downloading any updates automatically when launching the app.

Click the "gear" icon again to close the settings menu.

Using Existing Library Path

If you are reinstalling NEXUS2 and have an existing library or had to move the library path, simply select the existing Library Folder path in the settings and allow the app to scan and verify the files.

Managing Downloads and Updates

Along the top of the reFX Cloud app are tabs to view your products.


All: The default page. It lists all reFX products currently in your account. Left-click any icon to download and install the product. If it is installed already, you can right-click the icon and select "Verify" or "Uninstall". "Verify" checks the integrity of the file and fixes it in case issues are found. "Uninstall" deletes the product from your hard drive.

Installed: Shows all content currently installed. The right-click options "Verify" and "Uninstall" are available.

Not Installed: This tab shows any products you have in your account that are not currently installed. Left-click to install them.

Outdated: This lists all the items that have updates available. If auto-updates are enabled in preferences, then these are updated automatically. Otherwise, you can manually choose to update each item by left-clicking it.

Queued: This shows the currently queued files and updates to be downloaded with the ability to cancel any update.

Verify Files

It is possible to verify the integrity of files by right-clicking any installed item in the reFX Cloud app and choosing "Verify". This scans and fixes the files if issues are found.

Delete / Uninstall Products

If you need to uninstall any products, just right-click on the product in the reFX Cloud app and choose "Uninstall". The files are removed from your computer and from the NEXUS2 library. The removed items are then listed under "Not Installed" for easy reinstallation.

Batch Actions

If you wish to apply an action to all items at once, locate the 3-dot menu at the top of the section you are viewing and left-click it.


You can download, update, verify, or uninstall all items in that section with single mouse click.

Search Bar

If you would like to check if a specific expansion is installed, use the search bar at the top of the reFX Cloud app.

The name of the expansion does not need to begin with the search term. For instance, searching for "bass" returns the expansions "Bass" as well as "Drum and Bass" and "Future Bass".