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Armin van Buuren

I've used quite a few reFX things for my latest productions so I always check their site and saw this thing called "NEXUS". It's really amazing because it's so hands on! Most presets are usuable instantly and the editing is simple and effective. It's the most impressive synth I've installed in the last year.

David Guetta

This is probably the synth that is the most related to the music I produce and the most complete. Everything is there from classic string sounds to the most cutting edge electronic sounds. Nexus² also has some really powerfull FX and arpeggios.These guys are incredible!

AxwellAxwell / Swedish House Mafia

I used NEXUS on my track **"I Found U"** for the piano sound, and I really like the simplicity of NEXUS, it's easy to find the sound you want and then, with the filters, it's easy to get it to sound exactly how you like.

Dr. LukeKaty Perry, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Britney Spears, Pink...

These Vengeance plugins are awesome!!!
The Multiband Sidechain is easy to use and sounds great! Saves you a lot of time not having to bus everything and wasting DSP. A must have!
Philta is sick, too! Sounds amazing on everything I put it on. Going to be the filter of choice on my next tracks.

Benny BlancoKaty Perry, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and many more

I love Vengeance Samplepacks! They are so crisp and cut through on every track - anytime I am stumped creatively I just dip into the folder of sounds and I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!

Nick RotteveelNicky Romero

I'm a big fan of ReFX products, using the Nexus 2 since the beginning of my career, great to use as single synth, and to stack it up for layers. I've been missing a plugin in Logic Pro for exact sidechain timing for a while, the Vengeance Producer Suite - Multiband Sidechain was the perfect solution!

Sebastian IngrossoSwedish House Mafia

I really like Nexus² because it's so easy to use and it has a lot of great presets that sound awesome.

I used it in both "Calling" and "Reload"!

Scott Kirkland & Ken JordanCrystal Method

Nexus2 is stunning! Each sound has natural character and depth. The pianos & strings have remarkable live action. The synths are full of rich harmonics and tonal qualities that can normally only be heard from the original source. reFx reDefines ROM Synthesis!


I love Nexus2 because it’s extremely easy to use and has amazing presets which allows you to work super fast. When I need quick and professional results Nexus2 is my go-to plugin!

Willem RebergenHeadhunterz

"The Vengeance sample packs such as Vengeance FX and the Essential Club Sounds series have been a key element in my productions ever since I started producing.
My music wouldn't be the same without them. All of them provide the biggest amount of actually usable sounds that helped building the sound of electronic dance music to where it is today. As for the plugins I have been a big fan of Nexus and Metrum and of course never to forget the Vanguard, with which I learned to make my very first sounds. A big thanks to Refx & Vengeance for these gems!"

Jean Michel Jarre

As a great user of analog instruments, it is probably one of the first time, with a virtual synth such as the Nexus 2, that I can really compare the texture, the transients, the impact of the low range and the diversity of the sounds with what I find in an analog machine.
The interface is easy to use, the arpeggiator is really cool, and the sounds find always their place in a mix.
The Nexus 2 is already one of my favorite synths of all time!

BTBrian Transeau

As someone who's known for a painstaking level of detail in their compositions; I'm the last person you'd expect to hear an endorsement from about something that doesn't require coding or patch cables. I must say that Nexus2 is one of the most powerful and dynamic softsynths I've ever had the pleasure of using. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Nick van de WallAfrojack

I looove the nexus, it has all the famous sounds in its presets and it has an easy and clear setup that's perfect for endless tweaking to get that one sound you wanted!

Ferry CorstenSystem F, Gouryella

The nexus-1 was already a great tool for producing my last album 'Twice in a Blue Moon'. Can't wait to get my hands on the Nexus-2. Absolutely one the best software-synth i had so far.

Andy Moor

The NEXUS2 is an extremely powerful useful tool that gives you exactly what you need, straight away. Equal to the quality of many hardware synths, but often more useful and easy to use, giving instant access to the sounds you need. Great built-in effects and presets complete a class leading expandable synth for all your needs.

André TannebergerATB

I have been waiting ages for a rompler such as NEXUS. Finally, an extremely flexible rom-player, which is easy to use at the same time, has arrived in the virtual studio world.

The highly intuitive GUI and the clear layout, merged with an FX-section of high quality, enables you to work quickly and creatively without disturbing your workflow. And due to the growing number of expansions, you are always up-to-date with new sounds. This is a congenial concept which has been realized brilliantly.

NEXUS is a must-have!

Stefan from Dada LifeDada Life

NEXUS is the only usable sample-based synth on the market! In the beginning of a track, __We Do Have A Plan__ on how it should sound - so Nexus is perfect for those big time moments when you're in the zone and just want to have fun fun fun and not spending ours tweaking sounds. I vote Yes for this one!

Jeffrey X. SutoriusDash Berlin

I've been following the work of sound designer Manuel Schleis for quite some time now. I've used many of his sounds as an excellent starting point for creating sounds on my JP 8000 and Virus synths. The great news is, with Nexus2 I now have all these massive patches directly available in one plug in that I can save and recall directly with my DAW project. The interface is straightforward and fast to use and the pristine sound quality equals the best hardware synthesizers. I'm a big fan of the Arts Acoustic reverb, so it’s really cool to see that integrated in Nexus2 as well. To put it simply: Nexus2 is an essential must have, get yours today!


I LOVE Nexus2 ...the presets are absolutely awesome.....and i love the very quick access to great sounding Reverbs & Delays....and best of all it's so easy to use. I've been using this thing for ages....and now with Nexus2...the reFX team have made it even better! For Dance & Electro it is THE BOMB, anyone wanting to make this type of music MUST have this!

Antoine Clamaran

What I really appreciate with Nexus, is the simplicity of its use. You can find the sound that fits you within few minutes, and then you can modify it as much as you want, until you find your personal touch. The other big advantage of Nexus is that you can add expansions to improve it, its one of the plug-ins you must have on your computer

Eddie ThoneickEddie Thoneick, Tonik Recordings

To me, the Vengeance Sample Collection is an essential studio component. Unlike most Sample CDs the quality of the samples is excellent, very well organised and user friendly. If you're looking for upfront drumloops, single samples and effects, Vengeance is the road to take! There's already the given name of these libraries that speaks for itself: -Essential!-

Ian Carey & Brad HollandIan Carey / Gfab Records

Ian Carey:
Trying hard to find a patch I don’t like with Nexus2 is an impossible task. To say this is my "Go To" plugin would be an understatement. Vengeance just seem to have a knack of getting it right.Period!

Brad Holland:
I've been working closely with Ian on productions now for 3 years, and I cant recall one project that we haven’t used something by Vengeance on. These guys ARE DANCE MUSIC. Nexus2 is the orchestra!

DJ ZanyFusion Records / Donkey Rollers

When I start creating a new track, it's standard to open a Nexus 2 unit.
There are so many sounds in this great machine!
You always can use it as a leadsound or layer it with other synths, to get a fresh new creation.
All these banks, presets and this machine together makes a beautiful pearl, which can be used in every studio!


Nexus is an integral part of our studio set up's, and is used in all our productions.
It's quite simply the first port of call when creating a track, even passing the hardware units to get the sound you want straight away.
The quality of the Delay / Reverbs is outstanding, as are the editable features of the Arp, Trance Gate and Modulation section.
A soft synth for music producers globally, with expansions to cover every style of music, this is a must have for any budding producers or hit makers.

Roman Böer de GarcezTocadisco

I love synths that I open, browes through the presets and already have tons of ideas for tracks. thats what I would call an inspirational instrument. a violist probably gets this feeling when he touchs a "Stradivari". I got the feeling when I opened Nexus2. it sounds amazing. I can't wait to produce with it. I love it!

Klaas GerlingKlaas

With it's ease of use, Nexus² integrated perfectly in my existing setup. You got all essential sounds together (like in the good old rompler days) and you can edit and access the sounds quickly. Especially for creative brainstorming and melody finding, its a genius tool! You can integrate many sounds into your productions "as they are", since they already fit in the mix very well. The outstanding and flexible arpeggiator is the cherry on the top...

Rick StedlerScooter

Nexus² has proven itself to be very valuable in our setup! Especially during the pre production process. You simply have all the important basic and standard sounds from the whole electronic dance music scene, so you can start to work in no time... With some tweaks, many sounds find their way into our tracks!

Joachim GarraudJoachim Garraud / David Guetta

I love Nexus, it's so easy to do a cool track with those cool sounds! The power of this synth is really amazing. If you want to make people dancing on your own stuff, turn your Nexus on and pick up some of the great sounds!!!

Norman Doray

Nexus is one of my best plugin ever....really easy to use and always a great sound.
The version 2 is even better with the new banks... I gonna use them all this year... Big support from me!

Konrad & Florian ScheyvoglGlobal Deejays, DJ Taylor & Flow, Ravers on Dope

Nexus² is an all encompassing synth. From low end dirty bass sounds to
screetching high end leads, coupled together with its ease of use, it has
quickly become a standard go-to-synth in my arsenal. Solid!

Jono GrantAbove & Beyond, Oceanlab / Anjunabeats

NEXUS sounds and plays like it was made for musicians by musicians.

You are going to install this synth and get using these sounds in your tracks straight away, and very little additional processing is necessary. It's also great to find a built in reverb that is so smooth and rivals good quality hardware reverbs. In a digital sample-based synth, the raw currency is good quality samples. Rather than see how many gigs they could fill with average samples, it feels like a proper RD team has put the kind of energy into the plugin that a big hardware synth manufacturer would have in the past. Something I feel that's been missing from the virtual synth world.

Very refreshing, and the whole team should be very proud of this achievement!

Manuel ReuterDJ Manian / Cascada / TuneUp!

NEXUS is a fantastic product! I use it in every production. I already sold lots of my hardware, since NEXUS is easy to use, has a quick workflow and it sounds even fatter than all other synths I know...My No. 1 workhorse in the studio!

Sebastian Göckede & Sven GruhnwaldPlanet Punk Music / Rocco & Bass-T / G&G

Nexus 2 is a weapon !!! This all round machine with it's huge sound is excellent for every kind of dance music !

It is perfectly structured and you find the sounds you need within seconds.

We use it in every production and looking forward for the upcoming expansions !

A must have in your virtual studio rack !

Piet Blank & Jaspa JonesBlank & Jones

Nexus is one of the best Software Synthesizers so far.
It's the perfect all in one solution for modern music prodction, no matter what style you prefer!
The combination of good sound, easy and quick workflow is outstanding.
A must have!!!!

Ville VirtanenDarude

NEXUS is THE highly tweakable "preset machine" I've been waiting for...I love software with total recall and the sounds of Nexus are easily on par with the hardware I have. I'll be definitely using Nexus in my future productions, just going thru a fraction of the basic presets I already found several sounds that I bookmarked and with the expansions there seems to be very few limits to this thing.