An EDM Must-Have

EDM_7Bringing you the hottest, freshest, and best EDM sounds around, hands down, this one is inspired by all of the new trends and EDM subgenres.

You're about to find out (or remember) why Nexus and EDM go together like peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and burgers and fries!

Ambient Sci-Fi


Ambient_Sci-FiEnter a mesmerizing realm!

Featuring other-worldly atmospheres, haunting drones, epic pads, lush sweeps, and musical textures from beyond, this expansion is deeply meditative and thrillingly cinematic.

Hollywood Piano

Top-notch piano

Hollywood_PianoA vast and truly gigantic multisample library of some of the best modern grand piano sounds.


Do androids dream?

CyberpunkA blast from the past to make the music of tomorrow!

Slap House

It totally slaps!

Slap_HouseThis is a must-have for modern club and radio chart music, so what are you waiting for?

Tropical House 4


Tropical_House_4Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? Don't miss the latest banger from Andy Hinz! Even on the hardest day, these sounds can't help but put a smile on your face and fill your day with sunlight!



Lo-fiLo-fi lives up to its name with dirty, raw, and unexpected sounds perfect for all genres that call for a touch of "crunchiness".

Happy Hardcore

Hardcore has never sounded happier

Happy_HardcoreThis high-energy expansion is inspired by the Happy Hardcore genre created in the '90s that remains popular today. Don't worry, be happy.

Psytrance 2

A dream come true

Psytrance_2Get ready to be transported and mesmerized by inspiring arpeggios, evolving sequences, lush pads, spiky basslines, warbling effects, triplet beats, and punchy drums.


Murder your dance floor

TechnoTechno is gritty, evil, and dark. Designed on an insanely expensive, huge modular system, these are first-in-class and absolutely unique Techno sounds and drums.


You know what to expect

EDM 6The long-awaited EDM 6 is here with the newest, hottest, and freshest dance- and club-sounds around. This one is pure EDM.

Studio Production 1

Get ready to explore another world

Studio Production 1

Scene-setting synths, inventive drums, whimsical samples, and playful instruments from around the globe, this expansion will set the stage for any production.

Hardstyle 3

Burn the fance floor down

Hardstyle 3

Harder, faster, and more contemporary, the newest Hardstyle expansion for Nexus3 features everything you need to make modern Hardstyle hit harder than ever.

Progressive House

Complete and masterful

Progressive House

Get the total package of inspiring plucks, energetic arpeggios, deep basslines, melodic chord progressions, evolving pads, and laid back beats today.

Synthwave 2

Retro magic

Synthwave 2

Enjoy lush, powerful analog sounds as well as that wonderful, bright digital FM glory. Remember those phat gated drumkits? We got 'em.

Tropical House 3

Hot, Hot, Hot

Tropical House 3

Dive into Tropical House 3 and get immersed in a sea of plucks, flutes, mallets, vocal slides, and chill drum beats! Lush and oceanic sounds.

Hip Hop 4

To the greats

Hip Hop 4

This one will blow the dust off your speakers and power up your creative juices with its ultralow sub booms, melancholy arpeggios, dark synth riffs, and inspirational sequences.