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  • June 2nd, 2015
  • n2xp, n2

New Nexus2 expansion bundle - "Hollywood 3"

The third wave of real Hollywood instruments is here! After two years of recording and editing these lush, cinematic sounds, this expansion pack is ready for stardom. With the new 2.7 update, Nexus can handle 64 oscillators and infinite round robins simultaneously. Get ready to have your mind blown!

You can check out the demo track for "Hollywood 3" on Vimeo, and on Soundcloud.

"Hollywood 3" is now available for purchase on the Hollywood 3 Expansion Bundle page.

Nexus2 Update - Version 2.7.1

Nexus2 version 2.7.1 has been released. This update contains various fixes and improvements, including various bug fixes. For a list of changes, check out our What's New document. All Nexus2 license owners can download this update from their Account page.