EDM 913 days ago

Can't Get Enough!

Ready to take your music production to the next level?

EDM 9 is the ultimate expansion for reFX Nexus that will electrify your tracks with the freshest dance, club, and EDM sounds.

Melodic Techno 2

Melodic Techno 213 days ago


Dive into a world of cutting-edge melodic gems so inspiring you'll have everything you need to craft hypnotic, groovy, chart-ready tracks.

Perfect for producers of Deep House, Trance, EDM, and much more.

Trance Voices

Trance Voices1 month 19 days ago

Peak Performance

Trance Voices delivers a complete expansion of incredible new sounds, ranging from epic arps, rolling basslines, and wide pads to leads and tons of amazing vocals.

This is a true must-have!

Guitars 2

Guitars 23 months 8 days ago


The soul of any pop song, chart hit, or cinematic tearjerker!

Recorded with top-notch microphones and amps, and complete with vast multisamples, velocity zones, and real life guitar fret noises, you will fall in love with this one in an instant.

Italo Disco

Italo Disco4 months 24 days ago


If you missed this chapter of the '80s before, don't miss it now!

Created with the love, passion, and original synths of the era, this expansion will make you want to fire up that disco ball and bask in the colorful lights!


Drill5 months 29 days ago


Want to tunnel in a darker direction?

With everything from heavy 808s, sinister textures, and stormy atmospheres to overdriven synths, you can dive into the recesses of your mind and creativity!

Tropical House 5

Tropical House 57 months 23 days ago

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Dive into the summer heat and dance, dance, dance!

This expansion has everything you need to color your tracks with bright steelpan drums, seaside basses, warm mallets, and vibey leads.

Slap House 2

Slap House 29 months 20 days ago

This Slaps Again!

Put your hands up for Slap House 2!

From Psy Slap, Shuffle Slap, and Fast Slap to Night Drive and Big Room, this one has everything you need to create your next club smasher.

Lo-fi 2

Lo-fi 211 months 1 day ago

More Crunch

Get low - and dirty - with Lo-fi 2!

Looking for some wonderfully gritty, "unpolished" sounds? This expansion delivers inspiring and unique non-mainstream sounds suitable for any genre.

Lo-fi mojo!

Future Rave

Future Rave1 year ago

Future Forward

Dance into the future with Future Rave!

This new EDM phenomenon is here to stay, so don't miss out on the best future-forward EDM sounds. All in one great expansion!

Vintage Synths 2

Vintage Synths 21 year ago

Retro Goodness

Want the musical magic of the '70s, '80s, and '90s at your fingertips? Look no further!

Vintage Synths 2 delivers the most stunning, modern collection of real vintage synthesizer sounds on the market.

A true gem!


VANGUARD21 year ago

Out now!

The legend reborn.

This is not just remastered. This is remade, enhanced, and improved.

Check it out!


EDM 81 year ago


Refuel and refresh your classic dance sounds with EDM 8!

Stay on top of your game and the charts with this new expansion that's made for any EDM producer.

Studio Production 3 Guitars

Studio Production 3 Guitars1 year ago


Studio Production 3 shines the spotlight on guitars.

Let this expansion become your virtual studio musician, providing impeccable guitar sounds ideal for any genre from Hip Hop and EDM to cinematic scores.

Melodic Techno

Melodic Techno1 year 2 months ago


Let's combine Techno and Trance!

Come visit a place where epic, well-composed melodies live harmoniously with deep beats, polyrhythmic arpeggios, vintage synthesizers, and warm, rolling basses.

NEXUS 4.5 update

NEXUS 4.5 update1 year 2 months ago

New and Shiny

This is the biggest and best update in NEXUS history. So many new features have been added, so many improvements, big and small, have been made. All free for NEXUS4 customers.

On top of all the quality-of-life improvements that have been made, and the brand new "ROM Extension 4" we've added (70+ new presets), we opened up the internals like never before.

See the full changelog here.

Bigtone Signature 4

Bigtone Signature 41 year 3 months ago


Looking for some big tones that sound rich and complex?

Bigtone Signature 4 is more evolved and stunning than ever before, featuring unique pads, leads, basses, effects, and other sounds that stand out from the crowd!

Studio Production 2

Studio Production 21 year 4 months ago

A True Treasure Trove!

Studio producers, this one's for you!

Your treasure trove of lost gems just waiting to be found, so they can surprise and inspire you!

This is the perfect first stop when you're searching for "that sound" but don't know exactly what it is yet.

Drum and Bass 2

Drum and Bass 21 year 6 months ago


Welcome to the jungle!

The most savage uptempo beats, screaming leads, and wobbly basses.

Perfect for all uptempo genres including drum and bass, jungle, bigbeat, 2step, break, and dubstep, as well as other UK garage styles.

All About the Bass

All About the Bass1 year 6 months ago


Looking for a perfectly round, beautiful bass? Grab this one!

Filled with countless high-quality, warm, soft, analog, and sonically rich basses, this new Bass expansion is perfect for anyone looking for a seriously expensive-sounding bass.

Tech Essentials

Tech Essentials1 year 7 months ago

It's essential!

Make your tech tracks next-gen-ready with the new Tech Essentials expansion.

Whether you're cranking out tech house, techno, or melodic techno hits, this expansion offers the "best of the best" sounds to take any track to the next level!

Progressive Trance

Progressive Trance1 year 9 months ago


Pioneer the future of trance with Progressive Trance.

Get inspired by this expansive library of lovely plucks, hard beats, wide leads, and bouncing basslines.

Vintage Synths

Vintage Synths1 year 11 months ago


Visiting these presets is like joyfully walking down memory lane in a vintage music store.

Score the richest and most robust combination of classic synthesizers you will ever hear in a single expansion pack today!

Techno 2

Techno 21 year 11 months ago

Techno Evolved

Techno 2 is here and ready to proudly show off everything Nexus 4 is capable of!

With all of the freshest sounds of modern Techno, built on the legacy of this storied genre, Techno 2 is a must-have for any dance music producer.

Festival EDM 2

Festival EDM 21 year 11 months ago


Our festival-ready EDM pack is back and ready to party again!

This massive collection of amazing sounds provides you with all the tools you need to create the next hit for the festival-hungry crowds. Get that party started and dance, dance, dance!


EDM 72 years ago

An EDM Must-Have

Bringing you the hottest, freshest, and best EDM sounds around, hands down, this one is inspired by all of the new trends and EDM subgenres.

You're about to find out (or remember) why Nexus and EDM go together like peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and burgers and fries!

Ambient Sci-Fi

Ambient Sci-Fi2 years ago


Enter a mesmerizing realm!

Featuring other-worldly atmospheres, haunting drones, epic pads, lush sweeps, and musical textures from beyond, this expansion is deeply meditative and thrillingly cinematic.


NEXUS 42 years ago

Enter the fourth dimension

NEXUS4 has launched, ready to take you to a new plane of music creation.

NEXUS4 comes with numerous improvements over your current version, as well as the free "ROM Extension 3" containing more than 260 new presets!

NEXUS4 is fully backward compatible and will work with all of your existing NEXUS expansions and projects.

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus ⛄

Hollywood Piano

Hollywood Piano2 years 2 months ago

Top-notch Piano

A vast and truly gigantic multisample library of some of the best modern grand piano sounds.


Cyberpunk2 years 3 months ago

Do Androids Dream?

A blast from the past to make the music of tomorrow!

Slap House

Slap House2 years 4 months ago

It Totally Slaps!

This is a must-have for modern club and radio chart music, so what are you waiting for?

Tropical House 4

Tropical House 42 years 6 months ago


Are you feeling hot, hot, hot? Don't miss the latest banger from Andy Hinz! Even on the hardest day, these sounds can't help but put a smile on your face and fill your day with sunlight!


Lo-fi2 years 9 months ago


Lo-fi lives up to its name with dirty, raw, and unexpected sounds perfect for all genres that call for a touch of "crunchiness".

Happy Hardcore

Happy Hardcore2 years 9 months ago

Hardcore has never sounded happier

This high-energy expansion is inspired by the Happy Hardcore genre created in the '90s that remains popular today. Don't worry, be happy.

Psytrance 2

Psytrance 22 years 10 months ago

A dream come true

Get ready to be transported and mesmerized by inspiring arpeggios, evolving sequences, lush pads, spiky basslines, warbling effects, triplet beats, and punchy drums.


Techno2 years 11 months ago

Murder your dance floor

Techno is gritty, evil, and dark. Designed on an insanely expensive, huge modular system, these are first-in-class and absolutely unique Techno sounds and drums.


EDM 63 years ago

You know what to expect

The long-awaited EDM 6 is here with the newest, hottest, and freshest dance- and club-sounds around. This one is pure EDM.

Studio Production 1

Studio Production 13 years ago

Get ready to explore another world

Scene-setting synths, inventive drums, whimsical samples, and playful instruments from around the globe, this expansion will set the stage for any production.